Monday, July 21, 2008

Vote Because You Workout With Us!

Tuesday WOD

For 5 continuous minutes alternate between...

30ft of Walking Lunges
30ft of Lateral Jump Squats

When you finish the first length of walking lunges, jog back to where you started from, then do one length or 30ft of lateral jump squats, jog back to where you started from, alternate between the two. Every time you get to the lateral jump squats face the opposite direction.

For 20 continuous minutes alternate between...

15 Dbl Push Presses with 30% of your body weight
600m Run

For 5 continuous minutes alternate between...

20 Sit Ups
10 Push Ups

Rest 2 minutes between each pairing of movements. Keep track of the rounds completed in each.

"Some players with a lot of athletic ability just go out and play. Then after four or five years you don't hear about them anymore. The smart guys figure it out, and they play ten, twelve years. They do it mentally more than they do it physically." -Ahmad Rashad


Kate said...

Where is everybody lately?

Amanda said...

ok, truth.....I saw the 600m component of today and bailed. bad bad bad. but am now going to the gym here at work to get rid of some of the guilt. how was this morning - ?

Pamela MacElree said...

Amanda, you can still do the 600m component at 7pm. ;-)

Hopefully everyone is busy voting for us for the Best Gym!

Sam L said...

Yeah-- Today's WOD was rough. Lots of running.

We get Pam tomorrow?

Dawn said...

Hey Pam- Did you find a black duffle bag? I think I left it.

Pamela MacElree said...

Yes, you did. It's at the gym.