Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spread the Word, CFP Best Gym!

Little Sarah makes faces. See how much fun you can have!

Friday WOD

First 10 minutes of class, work on your pull ups, multiple sets at about 70-80% max reps. Use a band if you have to, partner assisted pull ups, or elevated ring rows.

2 Rounds of...

KB True Snatch Pulls
Push Ups
KB Goblet Squats
KB High Pulls
KB Hand to Hand Swings
Pledge Push Ups
KB Deadlifts

1 minute of each, 2 minutes rest between rounds.

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Paul B said...

btw, wanted to let you all know that I did your 7/14/08 WOD involving snatches, push-ups and sandbag runs and was decimated. I posted a ~13:30 / ~20:00 using a 16k KB and NO SANDBAG on the runs. Compared to the ~9 / 11s posted by your members. And I thought I was in decent shape doing CrossFit-type stuff for the last 4mos. I'm determined to get it down to ~ 12 / 15...then maybe I'll have the b@lls to join you guys for a few sessions...KEEP IT UP!
Paul - Princeton