Friday, August 31, 2007

No Workouts on Monday, Labor Day

Enjoy the nice long weekend. There will be no group workouts on Monday, September 3, 2007 - Labor Day.

Education and Fitness - Two fundamentals of development

We know there are a ton of fundraising events coming up in the next few months, but here's a little story from Megan...

I'm sure most of you are well aware that the Philadelphia School District is in financial shambles. I'm sure you've also heard that poo rolls downhill. Philadelphia's financial fiasco leaves my classroom with limited resources and the kids S.O.L. On that note, if you are interested in donating any items to my classroom please kindly visit: I Love Schools. My teacher number is 18-19488.
For those of you who don't know, I teach Autistic students in grades 6 and 7 at the Martha Washington School in West Philadelphia. My kids are hilarious and sweet, fully capable of becoming functional citizens of Philadelphia, and most importantly they deserve as much of a quality education as anyone else. So if you, anyone you know, or any companies that are willing to contribute to my classroom, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!


15 Swings
30 Squats
Run 400m
15 Sit Ups
30 Push Ups
Run 800m
15 Presses each arm
30 High Pulls
Run 400m

3 Rounds

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Visitor

Lara from CrossFit One World came in for a visit a few weeks ago. In the midst of hanging out for a few hours, shooting some video footage, working out, we also worked on muscle up progressions for about an hour.


5-10-15-20-25 x 3

KB Swings
Dips or Push Ups (your choice)
Pull Ups or Ring Rows (your choice)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Olympic Weightlifting Workshop is Back!

On Sunday September 30th from 8am - 12pm we'll be hosting an Olympic Weightlifting Workshop with Randy Hauer and his special guest David Miller. Both gentlemen are tremendous coaches. If you haven't had the chance to work on your Olympic Lifts recently or just need some fine tuning these guys will make sure you're performing the lifts properly and safely.

Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Sunday, September 30, 2007 8am - 12pm


5 Hang Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Jerks

10 Rounds

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How's Your Nutrition?

Too often we think our nutrition is good, we think we eat healthy foods. If you were to track your nutrition for one week it is very probable that you'd suprise yourself with all the little things you eat that aren't so good. If you don't believe us give it a try. Make a chart or even a list and write down everything you eat and drink for a week along with the time of day food is consumed. Bring in your chart or list for us to look at, and we'll see just how well you are doing.

30 minute Run
every 5 minutes stop to do 15 squats and 15 push ups

keep track of how many sets of squats and push ups you complete

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Battling Ropes Certification at CrossFit Philly

John Brookfield will be conducting one of his Battling Ropes Training System Certifications at CrossFit Philly on October 20th and 21st.

Register online to reserve one of the limited spaces.


20 Swings Left/Right
40 Jumping Pull Ups
18 Swings Left/Right
36 Jumping Pull Ups
16 Swings Left/Right
32 Jumping Pull Ups
14 Swings Left/Right
28 Jumping Pull Ups
12 Swings Left/Right
24 Jumping Pull Ups
10 Swings Left/Right
20 Jumping Pull Ups
8 Swings Left/Right
16 Jumping Pull Ups
6 Swings Left/Right
12 Jumping Pull Ups
4 Swings Left/Right
8 Jumping Pull Ups
2 Swings Left/Right
4 Jumping Pull Ups

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Check Out Deb !

Deb is a little monster that came to us from 5 Points Fitness in NYC. She's a conditioning machine as well as one hell of a Thai boxer.

See Deb win here:

Deb Liao Kickin Ass

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


One Arm Kettlebell High Pulls each arm
Burpees with a Push Up and a Jump
Pull Ups
Thrusters with 2 Dumbbells/Kettlebells or Barbell

1st Round looks like...10 High Pulls per arm, 1 Burpee Combo, 1 Pull Up, 10 Thrusters
2nd Round looks like...9 High Pulls per arm, 2 Burpee Combo, 2 Pull Up, 9 Thrusters

Thursday, August 09, 2007

To Sam - With Love, Damien

This must have been later in the ride when Sam went off the path into another dimension.

A bunch of Birthdays this week: Molly, Ward, and Sam!


10 Snatches L/R
10 Push Press L/R
20 Knees to Elbows
10 Push Ups
20 Squats

5 Rounds

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Message for Michael Moore

Look at all the Sams mountain biking this weekend!

Got this email the other day, proposing a Challenge for the Infamous Michael Moore.

"I told you on Friday I had something up my sleeve for Michael Moore.

So I've come up with something to create positive change. But this is going to require your help in a big way.

Please check out

And don't just dismiss this. This can do a lot of good for the health of millions and improve the perception of fitness professionals in the minds of the public nationwide.

Oh, and don't feel left out if you're not an American. As you know, we can use all the help we can get. "

Check out the link, let us and everyone else know what you think.


10 Dbl KB Clean & Jerk
5 Pull Ups

5 Times

10 Box Jumps
20 Walking Lunges

5 Times

Monday, August 06, 2007


50 Swings
50 Presses L/R
400m Run
50 Squats
50 Push Ups
400m Run Backwards
50 High Pulls
50 Rows
400m Side Shuffles
50 KB Cleans L/R
400m Run

Friday, August 03, 2007

Quiet Spectators


5 Rounds

3 Deadlifts
5 Snatches from the floor L/R
20 Feet Farmer's Walks
10 Push Ups

Good Luck to the Ladies who are participating in the She Rox Triathlon this Sunday, especially Mara and Kelley!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Working with Limited Equipment

As if hiking wasn't enough of an activity, trying to move that huge tree seemed like a practical thing to do...

Here's a video clip on the increasing popularity from this past Sunday's 60 Minutes. The fairly new sport, is less violent and more practical than most would tend to think.

60 Minutes on MMA

KB Snatch Pulls
Sit Ups
T Stabilization Push Ups
Jump Squats
Jumping Pull Ups

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