Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Working with Limited Equipment

As if hiking wasn't enough of an activity, trying to move that huge tree seemed like a practical thing to do...

Here's a video clip on the increasing popularity from this past Sunday's 60 Minutes. The fairly new sport, is less violent and more practical than most would tend to think.

60 Minutes on MMA

KB Snatch Pulls
Sit Ups
T Stabilization Push Ups
Jump Squats
Jumping Pull Ups

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Todd Lynch said...

Pam: Check out some pics from our WOD today in Jupiter. We call it "Fran on Fire"

Todd 6:32
Matt 7:51
J-Mac 8:02
Tommy 8:04

Pamela MacElree said...

You guys are f-ing nuts, but that is totally practical for you!!

Nice work!!

Lara said...

Hey Pam....I talked to the dude at D-Ball and he says that it may be hard for you to swap out the plugs yourself. I told him that it's clear he hasn't met you...I'll try and get a couple to you asap.

Jason, congrats on the little cfittter!