Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How's Your Nutrition?

Too often we think our nutrition is good, we think we eat healthy foods. If you were to track your nutrition for one week it is very probable that you'd suprise yourself with all the little things you eat that aren't so good. If you don't believe us give it a try. Make a chart or even a list and write down everything you eat and drink for a week along with the time of day food is consumed. Bring in your chart or list for us to look at, and we'll see just how well you are doing.

30 minute Run
every 5 minutes stop to do 15 squats and 15 push ups

keep track of how many sets of squats and push ups you complete


Jay Mills said...
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Jay Mills said...

Funny, I knew I was far from perfect, but when you write it down and look at it...yikes!

Pamela MacElree said...

It's a strange reality check. Somehow we always forget about the doritos or pack of m&ms that we ate after lunch. Ha ha.