Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday WOD

25 Dbl DB Front Squats
10 Weighted Inch Worms with a Push Up
20 Dbl DB Front Squats
10 Weighted Inch Worms with a Push Up
15 Dbl DB Front Squats
10 Weighted Inch Worms with a Push Up
10 Dbl DB Front Squats
10 Weighted Inch Worms with a Push Up


25 KB High Pulls
50 Jumping Pull Ups
20 KB High Pulls
40 Jumping Pull Ups
15 KB High Pulls
30 Jumping Pull Ups
10 KB High Pulls
20 Jumping Pull Ups

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein


Mark said...

Dhello jason & pam,

its crossfit philly's prodigal son. i've been silently keeping up with you guys and gave jason's 5 minute challenge a try today... 4:32. It made remember why i loved going there so much and was the first time in a while ive tasted the bloody taste of high altitude in a while. thanks for the workout, hope all is well, hello to everyone.

mark a.

Pamela MacElree said...

Mark!!!!!!!!!! We still miss you. Glad to hear you're still working out. Just gave the 5 minute challenge a try this morning myself, but didn't make the time. Funny part is that bloddy taste also happens at less of an altitude. Glad to hear from you, keep in touch! Good work on the sub 5, it'll give Rich something to shoot for.

JenS said...

Speaking of Rich, where was he this morning?!

Pamela MacElree said...

I know, I'm still coughing from this morning's little stunt. Thanks for trying it out with me.

JenS said...

Yes, I think next time the little stunt shall not be preceded by the day's WOD and rounds of hang cleans and SLDL. I was dogging it big-time. And it's all caught on video -- truly fabulous.

Rich said...

Yo Mark! Nice time on the challenge. Glad to hear you're still keeping up with the the whole CrossFit thing. We miss you here!

How's the Mountain Biking? Been trying to get out on the trails at Wiss. - probably go tomorrow.

Sorry guys, was beat this morning - couldn't get up. I will try the challenge tomorrow. I don't want to be filmed though ;)

Angie said...

whoever "invented" (and by invented I mean thought of the worst possible excerise that would make me want to die)inchworms with dumbells and a pushup must love pain.
...they prob also enjoy burpees

Rich said...

I believe that would be PAM!

Pamela MacElree said...

I don't know that I 'invented' them but I did indeed put them in today's workout. You know you all loved them!!

Kate said...

The only thing worse than an inchworm? An inchworm with weights that bears a striking resemblence to a renegade row...

Stubot said...

pam, once again you prove that the only thing you love more than misery is inflicting pain on others.

i'm glad i am safe in pittsburgh, where i can giggle all i want and not have to face the wall.