Friday, October 31, 2008


Saturday WOD

Top to Top Tabata Push Ups

5 Rounds of

600m Run
20 Ring Rows
5/5 Overhead Presses
10 Hanging Knee Raises


Rob said...

Exciting to see the Phils a wedding out in Chicago and wished the team held off till next week for the parade...Still great to see Philly have something to celebrate!

Sam L said...

Time of my life this week! Wow!

As Chase said... "World Champions! World F$#*&ing Champions!"

We did it!

RhinoChiroCenter said...

This month's painstorm is preposterous. I simply weigh too much

Pamela MacElree said...

Sam is sooo happy!

Rob, where've you been?

Doc, Painstorm is nutty, but it'd be a fast one. Should we make our own Painstorm? Everyone who participates this month comes in with a movement and the number of reps, and we combine them all together. That could be cool.

Rob said...

I'm out in Chicago checking out operations at Windy City CrossFit. Quite a nice set up out here in their new facility. Justin Marcis has his crap together.
Still wished I was back for the parade...did Sam at least flip a few cars for the for the effort?
On another note, the word verification is asking me to type "fatio" would seem to be either a place to eat...out on the fatio...or some sort of fat to muscle ratio...Take care all...see you in the new year! or maybe just the Thanksgiving workout with Max in a backpack...