Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A bit about shrinkage! Part-1

Sports recovery comes up quite a bit in our coversations at Crossfit Philly. Now, I use the term sports recovery because I consider each and every person we work with to be an athlete.

An athlete is anyone that is trained in strength,endurance or flexibility. Which our community has covered quite well.

So all this week and some of next I'm going to give you my tops picks for speeding up the reovery process.

Ready? Let's get started...

Take at least one Contrast Shower/bathing.

A Contrast Shower consist of alternating periods of cold (as cold as you can stand!) and hot water. Contrast Showers increase recovery by increasing blood flow to working muscles and speeds up the removal of metabolic by-products associated with intense training.

The best time for a Contrast Shower is within 30 minutes post training. Be sure to begin and end with cold and with 3-4 alternations per shower.

In case you’re wondering …. Here’s why this works. Cold water is a vaso-constrictor which simply means that it closes your veins and sends the blood elsewhere, namely internal organs. Along with that blood is metabolic by-products associated with intense training. Now, heat is a vaso-dilator which simply means that it opens the veins and allows fresh blood to rush back into your muscles bringing with it nutrients and fresh oxygen.


CrossFit Jersey Shore said...


I'm about to experience a little shrinkage myself as I head on down to the ocean for a little contrast surf.



Ward said...

Do you have a pic of her before the shrinkage occurred? (to contrast)

Sam L said...

You have shrinkage after seeing that photo??!

RhinoChiroCenter said...

Straight to the gutter you 2...

Are their any survivors from the sand storm workout????

Pamela MacElree said...

Well said Doc.

No beach today, most folks were strangely 'wanting/needing' to be at work so I postponed the day until more folks were able to attend.

CF Jersey Shore was forever saddened.

Ward, the before picture greatly distorts the after picture.

CrossFit Jersey Shore said...

Too bad all you folks couldn't make it over. Weather was perfect today. H20 is still pretty warm. Surfed for 2 hours w/o a wet suit. Not much shrinkage!

Erica said...