Monday, October 13, 2008

Actions are Louder than Words

Here's Alexa, Amanda and Eric's daughter. One day she stopped playing and said, "I have to go to my workout now." Before her mom knew it Alexa had emerged from her room in her bathing suit and sneakers with the kid friendly iPod and asked for something she could, "jump up on, and then step down from." Alexa had watched her mom, Amanda do box jumps at CFP and it stuck.

Our children tend to follow in our footsteps. They're intrigued by what their parents are doing, and when they have the chance to watch you, they will often mimic your actions. So in an effort to keep our newest generation healthy and active, show your children what you are capable of and they will likely follow in your footsteps.

Tuesday WOD

As many rounds as possible with good form in 30 minutes

5 Pull Ups
10/10 Bulgarian Split Squats
10 Contra Lateral Push Ups
10 High Pulls
10 Box Jumps


Jay Mills said...

Contra lateral push ups?

Kate said...

Pam, will you post the painstorm workout? So I can know what I'm missing when I don't show up?

Pamela MacElree said...


Here's the painstorm WOD

Buy in: MAX pull-ups

Then, as many rounds as possible in 30mins of:

Farmers walk 100 feet (women 50#, men 70#)
10 Power cleans (women 95#, men 135#)
15 Knees to elbows

Cash out: MAX pull-ups

You're coming in for it too, mostly because you miss me!! Plan to grab some grub afterwards.

Pamela MacElree said...


Push up, then rotate to your left, touch your left hand to your right foot. Push up, rotate to your right, touch your right hand to your left foot.

Make sense?

Sam L said...


Jay Mills said...


If you rotate to your right, wouldn't your left hand come off the ground & touch your right foot? That's what I did...

4(ugh)as rx'd. Pullups on the rings.