Monday, December 22, 2008

Freakin' freezin!

Kettlebell Swings R/L
Pledge Push-ups R/L
DB Push Presses R/L

30 Seconds each drill. All drills doen on right arm first, then left.


Box Jumps
Reverse Lunges R/L
Single leg Bridges R/L
Deep In & Outs

4 Rounds of 4 minutes.


Gregory K said...

Look what happened to Mr. Bigglesworth!!!

shawda said...

whats a pledge push up?

Susan B. Anthony said...
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Brooks A said...

How were the sinful pancakes?

Gregory K said...

Brooks, I had a meat lovers omlett. It was awesome.

Erica said...

Pam and I attract bad service. They somehow mixed up specifications from our orders and we each got a weird mix of both.