Sunday, December 07, 2008



Greg and LaSaun (technically LaSaun is from DC but we're granting her Philly rights)



Awesome job Philly crew, you guys rocked! Also, great work to the rest of the competitors, thanks for making the drive, we had 13 in all. Official scores to follow soon.

Erica, Kate, and Dawn - thanks for taking the photos
Erica and Dawn - thanks for counting
Sean - thanks for keeping time
Jeniffer, Angelo, Jonah, Deklan, Eric and Katie - thanks for sticking around to check it out
Randy - thanks for helping to organize
Competitors - Excellent efforts!

Thanks to everyone who was there, the turnout was great and the effort was even better. (I hope, hope, hope, I didn't forget anyone, let me know if I did)

Monday WOD

7 Rounds

30 Swings
20 Thrusters
10 Burpees


3 Rounds

30 Hanging Knee Raises
20 Horizontal Flutter Kicks
10 Push Ups


Kate said...

Fellow Painstormers:

Thursday is Sly Fox night at Earth Bread + Brewery; check it out...

In addition to The Bradley Effect (Black Gruit Ale), Lil' Pylon (Belgian-style dubbel), Terra Fume (Smoked Wheat Ale), and Here's Brucker that are currently on tap, Sly Fox will feature the following beers on the remaining eight taps: Pikeland Pils, Christmas Ale, Saison Vos, Black Raspberry Reserve, Oatmeal Stout, Ichor, Rt. 113 IPA and O'Reilly's Stout.

I'm just sayin'. Dr. D., you may want to ask your wife for a hall pass.

Pamela MacElree said...

Nice research Pope! I was hoping we'd go there this time anyway.

Erica said...

Sly Fox has awesome beer! Thanks, Kate.

What's the temperature supposed to be on Thursday night? This is the Painstorm that involves all that damn running.

Pamela MacElree said...

Erica, go with mind over matter.

Doc, if you're gonna bail on Painstorm you should at least come hang after BB practice.