Monday, September 22, 2008


Kettlebell Athletics and CrossFit Philly are always part of the trip. Peter and Beau are sporting their threads while crabbing. Looking good guys!

1A) See Saw Presses 5 x 10
1B) Walk-Over Push-ups 5 x 10

2A) Ring Rows 5 x 10 (As level to the floor as possible)
2B) Renegade Rows 5 x 10

3A)Sit-ups 5 x 20
3b)Slam Ball 5 x 10


Brooks A said...

Where is erbody?

Amanda said...

hearin' ya Brooks - we were four this morning: me, rich, elena and caroline. couldn't ask for better company......but does feel like everyone has evaporated. Maybe they're all going house to house registering voters, as we all should be, truth be told.

Great WOD today, by the way, thanks guys.

Brooks A said...

Don't worry, I donate to Puffy's Vote or Die, campaign.

Erica said...

do you provide the die?