Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Sweet Sunday

600 Meter Run
50 Kettlebell Swings
50 Pledge Push-ups
600 Meter Run
50 DB Push Presses
50 Jumping Pull-ups
600 Meter Rub


Sam L said...

I love 600 meter Rubs

Brooks A said...


Hey Sam,

You tailgating Sunday?

Erica said...

don't you mean Saturday?

Kettlebell Athletics said...

I'm just seeing who's paying attention.

I'm a lil dissappointed Erica didn't get the rub I put in there.

Brooks A said...

Na, Sunday, for the Eagles Steelers game.

What's Saturday?

Sam L said...

Jason screwed up the the day on the title of today's blog and is acting like he meant to do that.

I am tailgating. I will be incoherent by 12pm. Stop--I am kidding. I will be incoherent by 1PM.

Shoot me an email Brooks with your cell--

I can understand that you may not want to post your cell number on the blog due to all the obsessive fans you have.

Good luck to all the Philly Distance runners on Sunday! Leroy, Brooks and my beautiful wife are the only ones I know that are running it. I will be there--keep an eye out.

Brooks A said...

you crazy

Thanks, and I hate running.

Erica said...

"get the 600m rub"- sounds so dirty.

The Eagles/Steelers game is going to be awesome.