Monday, August 04, 2008

LIfe's A Beach

No photos today...

Tuesday WOD

Bottom To Bottom Tabata Squats!


Push Press Left
Push Press Right
Ring Rows
MB Thrusters
Sit Ups

"Temptation to behave is terrible." -Bertolt Brecht


Pamela MacElree said...

Here's the PainStorm workout for this month...

5 rounds of:

5 deadlift
5 hang squat clean
5 push press
5 front squat
Run 400m

-Followed by-

5 rounds of:
5 Pull ups
10 press-ups
15 squats
Run 400m

(Lifts are at 3/4 bodyweight.)

This month's Painstorm is courtesy of Karl at CrossFit Manchester and Jeff at CrossFit Brand X.

Brooks A said...

I like it, when?

and whats a Press UP?

Ward said...

playlists part deux

Jen – Father Figure is a good song, but not really for a CF playlist. Faith is too “pop” for me.

Stewie – what about Reckoner from Radiohead for a little mid-workout introspection?!!

What makes a good CF playlist?

Music you know and like? A good beat? Screaming metal? More cowbell? Random profanity? Passion in the artist’s voice? (like when Neil Diamond sings “…… coming to America…..TODAY….”)

Pamela MacElree said...

Stewie thinks Radiohead is for the sad.

I second more cowbell on the playlist, at least for humor's sake.

Not sure when Painstorm August will be, maybe in two weeks on Monday night.

Erica said...

you can never go wrong with more cowbell. in fact, we should just get a cowbell and have someone ding on it while we workout.

JenS said...

All of the above? Plus, how complicated you like your math:

But evidently, you are D-U-M if you listen to pop:

I don't care, I still like Faith.

Susannah said...

What's the difference between a press-up and push-up?

Gregory K said...

There's no difference between a press-up and push up. Press up is just what they say in the UK. So Brooks, you gonna show up this time?

Brooks A said...

Whoa there Greg, I was at the last one you missed.

Gregory K said...

But Brooks. I never said I would show up. I had expected you to be there that day...I was heart broken.

Brooks A said...

The Greg, is expected at every one.

Gregory K said...

Are you by chance an expert in political debate or something?

Brooks A said...

That is correct.

Pamela MacElree said...

What the both of you are actually saying is you'd rather not have to workout with just the girls again.

Marjorie said...

Oi cunhado
I miss you
I am showing your dvds for my trainer at the gym and he is enjoyng a lot and also I gave him you blog adress I am going to send you a picture of Hellen so you can post on your blog