Monday, August 11, 2008


4 rounds of:

SB See-Saw Presses
Upper-body Step-ups
DB Push Presses

30 Seconds each drill.

4 Rounds of:

Single Leg Bridge
Deep In & Out
Alternating Forward Lunges

1 minute at each drill.

2 Rounds of:

Flutter Kicks

30 seconds at each drill.


Erica said...


Sam L said...

In the spirit of The Olympic games - Ni Hao

Brooks A said...

Fun work out last night, Jason.

Rich said...

Yo Brooks - it was a good one. Did you end up playing ball after?

Ended up missing x fit this morning - woke with a nasty Migraine.... May go tonight

Brooks A said...

ha, yeah. It definitely wasn't my best outting, those chain push ups effected my shot.

Converting to a PMer...I'll be there.

Pamela MacElree said...

See you kids tonight.

JenS said...

I'm so glad you didn't show up dressed as a pirate this morning. (We didn't go.) Though part of me wishes you had ...

Hope you feel better!

Angie said...

Dearest Greg,

The apology can be found here.

That is all

Sam L said...

Pirate?! Please explain.

How did Captain Hook die? Jock Itch.

Kate said...

It's not too late for pirate day! I'm going tonight - although my outfit is decidedly unpiratesque. Takers?

What's a pirate's favorite letter? (A)r(gh)!

Rich said...

Brooks - i am the original PMer.. then did both am/pm then just am.. now back to a little of both..

Jens - i was planning to wear all black this am for the theme... had an eye patch ready and all...

Kate & Brooks - I may show up tonight but still a bit groggy... We'll see...

Sam - the girls wanted to do a pirate theme this morning... And Jock Itch? Really?? Even for you that was hooky..