Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Judo working on his pistols also.

Reps, not time. 3 Rounds each.

Single Leg Reaches 30/30
Single Leg Bridges 30/30
Step-ups with Hop 30/30
In & outs 30


Use heavier weights here of course. That means at least 12lb DBs Sam.

DB See Saw Presses 5/5
Renegade Rows 5/5
Push-ups 5/5- one hand elevated on med ball, alternate hands.
Band Rows 10 (Green Bands for Most athletes)


Brooks A said...

Sorry Pam, got my dates mixed up, are you cool for the 11th?

If it's a good date, I'll pay today.

Dude wants this info...

Phone number
Email address
CF Affiliate
T-shirt size

Sent to jonalanis@yahoo.com, then he will request a paypal payment. Or mailed check if you don't like paypal.

Gregory K said...

I have a unit exam on the 13th but it's possible that I'll compete. It's just on the 11th? Whats the cost?

Also, 6...6 Pushups...ah ah ahhhhh!

Brooks A said...

It's just the one day, 11th.

$75, thats for 2 meals, a shirt, beer, and proceeds to charity.

Rich said...

So it's only the 11th?
Do we know what the challenge will consist of? & Where is it?

Love the pic of Judo!

Rich said...

I'm assuming this is the East Coast Challenge we're talking about?

Pamela MacElree said...

It's the mid Atlantic Challenge, it's similar to what Rob did in Albany. Only this one is just two workouts, any combination of movements, reps, and weight. All to be decided the day of. This one is in the Baltimore area.

Sam L said...

I used the 10 pound DB's for today's workout.

Workout looked easy on paper. Ummm--Nope.

Kettlebell Athletics said...

You like that Rich ? He's about to jump on my back and dig into my jugular !

Needless to say, I fell over and dropped the KB on my testis :)

RhinoChiroCenter said...

Greg, the obvious question is why are you examining units?
JCB, he does look like he is about to take a nice chunk out of back.

Rich said...

I think this is quote worthy!

Needless to say, I fell over and dropped the KB on my testis :)

Umm.. O U C H!!!!!!!!!

Sam L said...


You dropped the KB on your jewels? Obviously this happened Post-Jonah.

Erica said...

just one testis? not both testes?

Kettlebell Athletics said...

Just the lower one.

Rob said...

Still waiting to see if anyone else will commit and pay for the Hopper Challenge. I will definitely be there as long as we have a group going down. Rich should be all over this...and Sam should be going for the beer...and Doc D and JCB should be there for the plethora of heckling that should ensue at such an event...Pam, Greg, Brooks, and everyone else should compete...Oh, this is Rob Ross on the blog. I took the summer off to sleep. I am now getting the requisite 5 hours and am feeling strong. September is looking good for a comeback.