Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dov and Caesar training prior to their Blue Belt promotions this past Saturday.

Just a reminder that if you'd like to run Broad Street for CFP please have you registration form filled out and handed in no later than this Friday, April 4th! I will be mailing the registrations on Saturday morning.

Thursday WOD

12 Rounds for Form

6 Renegade Rows with Push Up (6 per arm)
3 One Arm KB Sumo Deadlift Left/Right
Pull Ups - Women 3, Men 6*
9 Weighted Sit Ups
12 Jump Squats

*Stubborn and persistant women will do 6 pull ups.

"If you look good, you aren't working hard enough." -Unknown


Pamela MacElree said...

Painstorm looks do-able this month, with the exception of the last two sets of pull ups, being 40 and 50. I think I'll try it tomorrow!

Rich said...

Nice one this morning Greg... Kicked my ass!

Pam what's Painstorm?

Rob, Doc D, missed you guys this morning...

Pamela MacElree said...

April Painstorm Workout...

Men use 115
Women use 80

10 Front squat
10 Push press
10 Thruster
10 Pull-up
10 Burpee

8 Front squat
8 Push press
8 Thruster
20 Pull-up
15 Burpee

6 Front squat
6 Push press
6 Thruster
30 Pull-up
20 Burpee

4 Front squat
4 Push press
4 Thruster
40 Pull-up
25 Burpee

2 Front squat
2 Push press
2 Thruster
50 Pull-up
30 Burpee

Rich said...

Yeah, that looks, ah - do-able.... Umm, sure... Yeah, no problem...

Pamela MacElree said...

Other than the mass quantity of pull ups at the end, it's totally do-able.

Rich said...

Hmm... 150 pull ups total.. Yeah, I guess that's do-able...

Kinda like the running the Broad Street.. That's doable too right?

Pamela MacElree said...

Just as do-able as completing 5 full range of motion pull ups, I imagine.

MichaeL said...

"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them, i.e. pull-ups."

Sorry, Pamela, I know I said I'd hold off on blogging until i did another class, but the pull-ups topic sucked me in! Also, keep your eye on the clock...don't want you missing anymore appts.heheheh. JK.

Pull ups and handstand pushups (as well as handstands are two areas I want to work on besides doing olympic lifts correctly and confidently.

So what you said last Thurs. to do is do more rows(one arm), pull ups to get stronger? How about when you fatigue doing pull ups in a WOD? Yesterday, I did "Fran" or Fran F***ed me!!! When I got tired at pull-ups I braced my legs for support and lifted less than my body weight. But I hate doing that because I feel like I am assisting myself too much and not killing myself...There's a major difference there from regular pull-ups to lightening my bodyweight. Are negatives a good idea?

Question...if I wanted to work with you or Jason on handstand pushups and handstand balance or devising a pull-up program or back strengthening program to really speed my strength up in those areas what would that run me? Assuming I am already paying for the month that would take place? Say, a half hour?

One last thing, Mini Coop also said you did a great job today Greg. Did you do the certification seminars? I talked to Pam and Jason about eventually doing that. Again, money...if that novel or screenplay ever gets sold...

Hey Rob, I told her to take a "super-fantastic" picture of you with her phone if you were there this morning. I like to put faces to names. I like your humor, Trucker's too. Damian...Also nice stuff a few days ago with the lifting of odd objects...Good work/good cause...making a difference one block at a time. Should put that on Good times webshots. Arcadia, apologize for forgetting your name...

I also like the movie line references I've seen on here, but didn't get the "cheese" one, but sounded familiar...but did get the "Old School" one with Blue...awesome!

Speaking of movies...(JCB this especially goes out to you since we're the same age)
Anyone stoked about the G.I. Joe movie in 2009? One word...Snake-eyes.

No response to my LOST or Battlestar Galactica mention, huh? Pam, Battlestar...don't watch it? Starbuck must do crossfit! LOST? Kate's a Kick A** feminine character among some others, oh, but she's always running from something. That's not Pamela...JK.

Lost theory 2
I think Coach Glassman was part of the Dharma group inventing Crossfit on the island and that's how the Others (and Desmond) stay fit. The Crossfit Station is yet to be revealed!

Damn! Said this was going to be a short blog before I started...JCB/Pamela, how much for training me how to write short blogs? A pull-up for each sentence?

Trying to make the run on Sunday and Mini coop and me were hoping to get your ear for a bit after...does the Sunday group do brunch afterwards? Something cheap. Is Black Olive open Sundays? Fino's?...inside joke with Mini Coop...

Promise, next blog...much shorter! Oh man,just used the preview/edit feature and added things rather than removed! That didn't work...

Sam L said...

Good workout this AM Gregory!

Brooks A said...

Pam, whats the story behind the monthly(Painstorm) workouts, are they like benchmarks to test progress...or for S its and giggles?

Pamela MacElree said...

Brooks, Some of the more insane affiliates take turn putting together rather intense workouts, Brand X, CF Scotland, UK, Rockford, and maybe 2 others. The first of every month 'Painstorm' gets posted on the affiliate blog. I've only ever been able to do one Painstorm workout as prescribed. This month is a possibility.

Anyone that wants to try it let me know.

Michael, Shame shame, yes 5 pull ups for every sentence! Yes heavy rows and pull ups. Assistance is fine until you don't need it anymore, also you could learn to kip. Everything has a progression.

Arcadia and Greg are one in the same, I don't watch much TV, we always talk about eating not so good for you foods after a workout but we rarely ever do.

Pamela MacElree said...

There's always our monthly challenge workout to fall back on as well.

Susannah said...

Does Painstorm allow for modification, or must it be only be performed as prescribed? I wish I could try it, but 80lbs is waaay too much for my little weak frame to handle! And can pull-ups be assisted or no?

Kettlebell Athletics said...

I am very psyched about G.I. Joe. Painstorm can be scaled mini-coop.

MichaeL said...
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