Thursday, April 17, 2008

Awaiting Video Footage

I'm still awaiting review of the video footage as well as the video to upload for all to see, but it appears as if The Great One has successfully executed her 5 pull ups. Done at 3:52 this afternoon. From rep two it is clear she has 5 in the tank, but perhaps she suprised herself, at least a little. Well done Susan!

Friday WOD

4 Rounds of...

1 minute each

Jumping Pull Ups
Med Ball Thrusters
Pledge Push Ups
Reverse Lunges
KB Swings
Sit Ups
Mountain Climbers

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

""You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." -Albert Einstein


Susannah said...

As promised, Susan, a delectable plate of crispy bacon is awaiting! Did you pick your eatery of choice?

SusanHurrey said...

Mmmmmmmmm bacon. We'll talk, Susannah. This is a VERY IMPORTANT matter that needs to be discussed in person. :)

Sam L said...

Congrats Susan!

Pam told me yesterday that if you do 10 pullups before November-- she will run the Philadelphia Marathon!!

3-2-1 Go!

Dawn said...

Spam- I'll send you the footage later on today. I didn't have a chance to do it last night and I won't be home until after 5pm.

Pamela MacElree said...

Sam you're a Liar!!!!!!

rancheetah said...

Way to go Susan. I knew you could do it! I'll throw in a hotdog from your favorite Philly street vendor. How about a heaping portion of scrapple? M-m-m-m-m! I have a good recipe for tripe too.

SusanHurrey said...

Oh come on, Pamela. It took me this long to get 5 chin-ups. What are the odds I'll get 10 by November? Just agree to the challenge and be done with it.
It's lovely to run in Philadelphia in the fall.

Amanda said...

WHOPEEEEEEEEEEEEE Susan. Most excellent. In honor of your achievement and inspiration, and following a conversation with Mark last week, I'm going to run to and from workouts now that the weather is nice and we've got lots of light.

In other news, the 7pm CF class had some very enthusiastic visitors last night - how much weight WAS in that vest Greg? The dude had serious juice.

For this Monday's 7pm, a vistor from an unoffical CF gym in Berkeley (is that fair to say J and P?) - the Ice Chamber - is visiting. This pal turned me on to CF a year ago, and she's psyched to join us for a workout.

Pamela MacElree said...

That's cool Amanda, we'd be happy to have her for the workout!

Susan, no F***ing way.

Erica said...

Yeah those dudes last night made it interesting!

Susan, congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment.

Pam, I think you saw me wave to you this morning. I was hoping you knew it was me.

Susannah said...

Pam, you are likewise invited to breakfast, as your dutiful acceptance to run Broad Street is most definitely pancake-worthy!

I know LeBus in Manayunk has some good pancakes (voted Best of Philly!) and some yummy bacon.

Dawn said...

Spam- Given the time there's no point in training now. I'd recommend getting your serious chill on for the next couple weeks, including a bottle of pinot, creating a good playlist for your iPod, and some inspirational films from the 80s for mental preparedness. I'd recommend American Flyers with Kevin Costner or Youngblood with Rob Lowe.

Oh yeah, and pick up some Dr Scholl's inserts for your sneakers. You'll be gellin'!

Pamela MacElree said...

I saw you Erica, thanks! I tried to wave back but my hands were full. I did of course utter the words, hey what's up, but I'm sure you did not hear them, given the fact you were driving and all.

Susannah, thanks for the invite, pancakes sound delicious after an easy 10 miles!

Dawn, have some faith.

Amanda said...

Pam, I'm agree with Dawn. Get your head together, the rest will (generally) follow.

Dawn said...

I totally have faith in you! In fact, I think you'll surprise yourself with how well you do. My thought is to not even focus on the mileage, get out there and do the best you can. You might even enjoy it.

Most people don't even try to run Broad Street (myself included.) Youre already in another class just by accepting the challenge. That's huge.

Dawn said...

I'd also like to add that it's testament to how dedicated you are to your clients, that you'd subject yourself to to running, which you hate, just to see Susan succeed at pull ups. Can't say I know many who would do that, let alone for Susan. ;)