Friday, March 14, 2008

You'll Just

Have to come to class and find out !


Sam L said...

Is that the "Great one"?

Rob said...

Good workout this morning...interesting twist on the plank (planche): Laughing while fish tank story and my abs and lower back were on fire...thanks JCB

Sam L said...

Agreed. Great workout. Like the running.

Rich was in attendance! WHOA!

SusanHurrey said...

That's right, Sam, it is The Great One! You better recognize!

Rats! I missed a Crossfit workout that included running.

Rich said...

Running was fun.. more fun than hacking up a lung anyway!

Susan - What Up? You missed the running & you missed Meghan - she made it in!

Pamela MacElree said...

Well Susan now that you've threatened someone you need to post on a regular basis.

Sam, we have one more beach photo, I finally got an unassisted handstand on the beach no less, I guess I didn't have a choice since JCB basically said I'd do one!

Bella finally went swimming!! She has a very strong doggy paddle too.

Rich, I'm glad to see you're finally better!

Greg said...

Hey everyone I survived my trip or I should say Mexico survived my trip. I managed to not demolish any homes while there.

I also picked up several nasty WODs while there. Try this one if you ever get the chance:

20 shovels (Each side)
20 Pick ax swings (Each side)
2 Stone Pick Ups and carry (About 10 meters)
5 110lb Conrete mix bag cleans and carry (about 10 meters or carry up a small hill)

Repeat until a building foundation has successfully been laid.