Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get Some in Lancaster

This is Chad's set up out in Lancaster. Chad has been training with us for over a year, and a few months ago he moved with his beautiful family, that's Max in the photo, to Lancaster. Chad still drives out to work with us on Friday mornings, but the rest of his workouts are done in the comfort of his own home! Keep up the excellent work Chad, you've done an amazing job and we're very proud of all the work you've done and accomplishments you've made.

Starting every 2 minutes for 20 minutes:

10 Box Jumps
5 DB Snatches 5L/5R
5 Push Presses 5L/5R
15 Jump Squats


Greg said...

Is that a preview of the Grand Opening of RossFit?

Pamela MacElree said...

I just added the text to the post, so it isn't RossFit, sorry for the confusion.

Chad I neglected to also mention that we're also very happy that you drive so far to train with us on a weekly basis!

Rob said...

That's a lot more high tech than my barn. It looks like he has heat and electricity and indoor plumbing and...Have a Super Fantastic Evening!

Greg said...

Looks like RossFit needs to catch up.

Chad, you are truely a man among men.

Sam L said...

Good workout this AM Greg!

Sorry about me busting on your music. All good fun!

Good seeing Rich and Molly today!

Have a Super Fantastic Day everyone!

Rob said...

Very good workout today....thanks Greg. The music gets a C minus though...Sam mentioned something about if there weren't so many witnesses yadda yadda yadda...Bruce Springsteen.
And have a Super F'ing Fantastic Day...don't forget your umbrellas and enjoy this glorious time of year.

Scott said...

We are reviewing Snatches here in Florida today... hehehehehehehehe.

I'm going to do "Annie" with the Glute Ham Developer... might be Super Fantastically Bad. Todd and Dana will come in tomorrow and there will be just a torso on the floor with my legs stuck in the machine.

Pam - Hand Stand on the Beach looking good.

Have a Super Fantastic Day!

Rob said...

I think snatch review was mentioned in the journal put out by the Association of Sports and Sports Management...they have some funky nickname that was mentioned on a Seinfeld episode...

Pamela MacElree said...

Sott, funny you should mention Annie today, I just shooled by 2 young 20 somethings on Annie this morning.

Greg 9:45 (he's on the Buddy Lee bandwagon)
Stephen 11:02
Me 16:33

Oh well...

If you use the GDH it will be super fantastially bad.

(Sorry about the typos the 'see' does not work.)

molly! said...

Great seeing you this morning as well Sam!

Greg said...

Sam, thanks. Molly was in at 9 and she finished her rounds with time to spare. But then again she wasn't busy complaining about the music.

Rob, only a C minus. Can I get a grade curve since I switched to Bruce Springsteen?

molly! said...

Wasn't busy complaining about the music today, you mean!

Todd said...

Pamela: Funny thing YOU did annie this morning..I did it yesterday at the Fire station. 10:41. Best my DU have gone in a while.

Just an update on the Super Fantastic weather here in south FL: We have a cold front coming through this evening. It will drop all the way down to 65 by morning...brrrrr!

Sam L said...

Molly discovered her password. Oh no!

molly! said...

Easy on Molly.

RhinoChiroCenter said...

Babushka! How are you doing? I am noticing a trend w/ Sammy: "This music stinks", "Its too cold outside".

Pamela MacElree said...

We love Molly!!!!

Oh no a cold front in Florida, and you might be threatened with 65 degree weather, better get out the sweaters!

My DU were far superior to what they were the last time I did them as well. Nice work Todd!

molly! said...

Thanks for the boost Pamela. That is what I call teamwork!

Rob said...

Hello Molly! See you on Saturday!

Scott Rocks would ordinarily get the ceremonial middle finger salute considering the weather we are experiencing this week...but he's a newcomer to Philly and his good attitude is infectious...I know JCB caught a major case of the Super Fantastics.
And yes Greg, a C minus considering the WOD was just that hard. But you should get props for the Bruce...better late than never.
Sam has a special pushup he does when Bruce is on....he snaps his fingers and stomps his feet as he pumps them out.