Monday, March 17, 2008

Boulder Shoulders

Pick a dumbbell that you can barely press over head for one rep and a one kettlebell that's heavier than usual....

1R 1L Overhead Press
10 Kettlebell Swings
3R 3L Push Presses
10 Kettlebell Swings

10 Rounds.


Scott said...

Good Morning Everyone Philly!!!!

"Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you are scared".
- Eddie Rickenbacker. WW1 Fighter Pilot.

Have a Super Fantastic Day!

Sam L said...

I had to stay in the Mount Airy area after this morning's workout. An outside shower would of been great! I wish we had one.

Dawn- rumor has it that your music choices stink. True?

Have a SFD everyone!!!!!

Pamela MacElree said...

Sam, don't start!

Amanda said...

We built an outdoor shower last Canada (really screws up the morning commute, but the pine forest was just too lovely to pass up). Is this a serious consideration for Crossfit?

Dawn said...

Sam- That's totally false and I'm never sharing my iPod again.

Alittle Electric Light Orchestra never hurt anybody.

Greg said...

Dawn, you've grown a sweet beard since I've been gone. It also looks like you've gained a few pounds. Maybe you should lay off the beer. But congrats on the bottoms up press.

Sam, as far as I'm concerned the best outdoor shower is called a hose.

Rich said...

Having used the hose several times in the past, I got to tell you an outside shower would be Super Fantastic!

I would even volunteer to help you guys design & build the shower enclosure.. The only problem area may be the drain, if there isn't one out back you would need to tap into the bathroom drain....

Pam, it would be nice to have one, especially for those members who are challenged by time and location...

Dawn said...

Greg- thanks for the congrats, but that's a pic of JCB.

Spam- can we have a sauna, too?

Pamela MacElree said...

I am not adding anything that requires me to clean something else and ensure it's working capacity. If someone else wants to take on that task I'd be more than happy to agree. I am redoing the backyard this Spring and the shower can be added then if, like I said, someone else would like to take on the cleaning and maintenance of said outdoor shower.

Dawn, the sauna is on the roof already.

Pamela MacElree said...

By the way when is the first go at the March WOM taking place?

I'm looking at early next week in hopes of letting a nagging injury heal before all the unilateral work.

RhinoChiroCenter said...

To shower outside in the backyard would require me to bring flip-flops to class. Too much to remember! How about a nice vegetable garden instead?
Dawn, I love your totally 80's playlist. We will have to swap tunes sometime, but the theme song to the movie 'Rad'? Really?
PS> Amanda, you have some serious explaining to do next class. I think we will need a power point presentation on that trip to Canada.

Amanda said...

Doc D, sometimes you REALLY need to wash up and that was the state we found ourselves in one fine summer afternoon. Happily we were in a cabin owned by my family, most of which had agreed to the installation. Seriously, there's nothing like being naked outside, except maybe being naked under a hot shower outside.

We'll take a Crossift road trip someday and swing by - it's about 4 hours off the paved road, so we'll have to swing wide, if you know what I mean - you guys are up to that challenge, right? A "swing" that sort of resembles the snatch I can't do (in spite of what JCB kindly says).

You're most welcome. We'll have to agree on the music ahead of time though....which probably takes us back to the garden hose.

Greg said...

Everyone, the outside shower will consist of a hose hung on a hook, a shower curtain with a palm tree design and some sort of rubber mat placed on the ground.

RhinoChiroCenter said...

In what Canadian province is it located? Ontario, I am in, but I will not drive to Vancouver. I also will not particpate in a nudist camp. With my Catholic guilt I would have to goto confession everyday for a month.

Pamela MacElree said...

Nudist Camp
Catholic Guilt
Hose Showers

Interesting stuff, glad I'm back.

Today's WOD 18:23
40lb DB for P and PP
32kg KB for Swings