Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Bit of This...Little Bit of That


Saturday WOD

Get ready to work hard, and as usual, you'll know what it is when you get there.


Mara Humphreys said...

If anyone is interested in adding swimming to their workout routines - I recommend the Adult Swim Training at the Springfield High School Pool taught by Bea (she also teaches at the Plymouth Center too)- she gives 5 week programs which consists of drills and lots of swimming. First you do not have to be a fast swimmer (like myself) you swim at your own pace or are partnered with someone of the same speed and ability. She has two programs either Saturday morning: 7:15am - 8:30am (next Saturday will be the third Saturday in the series.) She also is starting another 5-week program this Tuesday which runs to 4/29 8:15pm - 9:30pm. The cost is either $50 for five weeks or a drop-in fee of $13. Cash or checks made out to SHS Pool. Believe you will feel great afterwards - having trained at CF - you will have the endurance and the strength to go the distance - plus it works out EVERY kink in your muscles and is great way to get a cardio workout and some stretching. I highly recommend it, email me if you have questions,
PS - Springfield High School is located on Papermill Road in Erdenheim, next to exit for route 309.

MichaeL said...

Here I go again...this is the second post attempt for my first post to the blog. My first failed because I didn't create a profile-Doh! This kind of goes with the theme of my post. My crossfit partner Susannah, might be interested in your post, Mara. She's been swimming at Bally's for a possible triathlon.

Hi everyone!

First I wanted to say thanks to all who participated on the thurs. night workout "Mass Chaos???" WOD. Wow! What a cross-sexion of people from Ward to Christian(minor) and the women worked harder than most men I see daily at Bally's.

I really felt that sense of community...not cult that crossfit has been labeled as. I also dropped an email to Art Carey at the Inquirer to see if he did a story on you all, and if not should...he hasn't and I don't think he writes his column in the Health and Science section anymore. He's more like a free-lancer now. I know they've written a story in the Inquirer (Oct. 07) about the Hatboro location, but the article was really about training high school athletes, not the general population. By the way, the NY Times ran a story last weekend.

O.K., so I've been doing Crossfit at Bally's all over our area for a month and a half now(one location actually has KBs on Route 73!)I don't know if I'm just a masochist, but I get a sort of high (maybe like runner's do? Pamela probably can't support this claim since she doesn't run??? You can get me back tomorrow at the track, Pamela for that, OK? LOL It's like once I start gasping for breath say, in thrusters in FRAN WOD, I start feeling a good pain. Can anyone else relate?

As far as Thurs. something cool happened. I was doing squats on the second or third go and felt that burn. My eyes fell on the U.S. flag and I zoned out for a second. I began to think about the guys in Iraq/Afghanistan and how they do this stuff and then go on patrol. And then I thought about the guys who aren't coming back and how some of them have been honored in the Hero WODs. By the way, Jason, I wantd to tell you I appreciated that you served for us all and represented for this wild experiment we call America, but was so excited to be there I forgot. Thank you, man.

Suddenly the pain didn't hurt as bad as I pushed through it. I also thought about the stars in the flag and how each person on Thurs. is their own individual star, yet here we were banded together to go through this WOD together. Heck! you guys have been doing it for how long?

I find myself someone who likes to do my own thing, create my own workouts on the main site, but I understand now why people do it together. I guess I feel like Wolverine with the X-men if anyone gets that? But I think crossfitters are in general like that, different, more lone wolves, than sheep, but can get together and function like a pack.

Gotta go, I will have to finish this post later, but would like to hear some responses. Rob, hope this makes up for the slow day of blogging yesterday...Also, sorry I couldn't meet Flabio...tomorrow at the track?

Gott a go...

Gotta go...I'll have to finish later guys.

Rob said...

Good to see Michael has joined the CF cult...the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal don't do our religion justice! And JCB, Pam, and even Flabio keep this ship's a great community! Although I hear there is a fellow who has taken some time off lately...kicks ass on the WODs and the WOMs...
Have a Super Fantastic Weekend!

Pamela MacElree said...

Rich, I just read through all the blog posts from last week. The only reference to me running was on Monday, March 24th (which would have actually been Tuesday), where A) I did the WOD that involved running and B) where JCB references a running mishap from two summers ago.

I promise to partake in the running activities next Sunday morning, at 10am, at the Wissahickon.

Nice work this morning guys/gals! Glad you made it.

Gregory K said...

Doc D, we did not have our 200 meter race. What happened?

Rich said...


Sorry I misunderstood your side note on the main blog page

Went something like this:

"Run Time
If you're doing Broad Street, or if you're doing the EC CF Challenge, we'll be meeting at the Chestnut Hill Academy Track on Sunday morning at 10am to start preparing for both. Please let Pamela know if you'll be there."

I assumed that because A, Susan may actually do her five pull-ups before the race & force you into the broad street run, and B. because you are scheduled to compete in the EC CF Challenge, that you were including yourself in the the group of people who were "preparing for both" if not one of the events... Knowing that you lothe running as much as i do I thought you would just want to prep as much as you could before either, A. Susan busts out her five forcing you to run or B. the EC CF challenge which I just learned today has a 3 mile run...

Stupid me ;)

Glad to see that you did, in fact, manage to run (if only for a short distance).. Looking forward to next Sunday's trail run.. If you can swing it please bring Bella!!! She can run with me if you want...

P.S. Greg, I clearly remember Doc D smoking you on the last sprint.

Gregory K said...

Rich, on the last sprint you must have passed out from exhaustion and dreamed Doc D beating me.

The only thing I remember either of you beating me in today was complaining.

Rich said...

There was no complaining... Wait, ok, maybe there was just a bit...

Pamela MacElree said...

I can see how there could be a mix up. Bella will run the trails on Sunday, she loves it!

By chance if Susan gets her 5 pull ups I will be oh so excited to run broad street and oh so disappointed that I did participate more today.

Susannah said...

Is there any chance I can bring my dog Gigi along too for the run on Sunday? She's got Saluki in her, so she's fast and absolutely loves the woods...and maybe she can make a friend with Bella!

Pamela MacElree said...

Susannah, I don't mind if you bring Gigi although I have to say I can't guarantee that Bella will be the 100% polite to her while on the leash.

However, after today I know that you run much faster than I do, so it should all work out well.

Susannah said...

Cool. I'll make sure Gigi behaves and doesn't bother Bella. I always keep her on the leash, so it shouldn't be a problem.

RhinoChiroCenter said...

My version of a sprint is a 50m dash. As you can see from my abilities 200 is more of a distance event for me.
I can neither confirm nor deny any complaining. It was too difficult to hear anything over my pathetic crying.

PS> Was Rich wearing a weighted sweatshirt? As soon as he took that off, he was way faster.