Thursday, March 13, 2008

Woo Hoo

3 Pull-ups
3 Push-ups
3 Ring Rows
3 Kettlebell Deadlifts per arm.

5 Pull-ups
5 Push-ups
5 Ring Rows
5 Kettlebell Deadlifts per arm.

7 Pull-ups
7 Push-ups
7 Ring Rows
7 Kettlebell Deadlifts per arm.

9 Pull-ups
9 Push-ups
9 Ring Rows
9 Kettlebell Deadlifts per arm.


Greg said...

!Hola Amigos!

Pamela MacElree said...

I'm jealous that I won't be able to do this workout, but will definately post my time for it when I get back!

Today's WOD was great for the beach! Strange looks were a bonus, ha!

Glad to see that Demo Man is surviving his trip.

I've already extended my stay an extra day, so I hope to see everyone on Monday!

Kettlebell Athletics said...


Rob said...

Too much upper body work on this WOD...Does anyone have the website for Platoon Fitness? or the toll free number for Bally's?
Right back at ya Greg...keep rockin with the condos...take care down there!

Rob said...

PS...Yes, I'm blogging at sleep til Brooklyn...or whatever the little fellas decide..maybe a trip to Brooklyn might be he answer! G'nite

Mara Humphreys said...

Since I never have time to read the blog, I thought I would look at it right now (it being 2:30am - I got sort of caught up in a very long knitting project) and prepare myself mentally for Friday's WOD, HOWEVER, low and behold - no Friday WOD - what's up??
PS the Thursday WOD does NOT resemble what we (the 9am class) did - Jason are you trying to go easy on us? I know you do not want to get in the way of our very intellectual conversations. As tantilizing as the gossip is - I speak for myself - I will be spending the majority of the summer in the pool in a bathing suit with one daily goal - don't drown the children no matter how many times they ask if they can get something from the snack bar (not to mention signing up for 2 triathlons that include dips in the Schulkyll (?sp) which are sure to make me wonder why I never went back for the that third Hepatitis B shot). In light of Eliot Spitzer, I think I better not rest on my laurels - while a thong is out of the question - there predatory 22 year olds out there. Beware!!!!

Timothy said...

Wow, Pam looks fantastic. And I am jealous being up here in the cold. That makes me even more angry. What made me angry to begin with is Jason's work out today. I now firmly believe he wants me to drive the porcelain bus. I will not give him the satisfaction. You won't break me! Now my wife on the other hand, we all know what happened there....ahemm cough cough aaaahemmm.

rancheetah said...

Pam, is that really you, or a body double? Gee, I think I'll go have my picture taken in Speedos. That would make everyone's day! I do have one question. Being the health nut that you are, haven't you heard about the hazards of sun exposure. My old skin is testimony to its effects.

Scott said...

Hello Philly. Have a Super Fantastic Day.

Pam - I see that you stopped at the beach. It is way too nice to stay inside today. I have a scheduled appointment at the beach myself today. It is SO freakin Nice here today! I would call in but I love this job too much.

Rob said...

It's 43 degrees here and overcast...getting ready for another craptacular March day in Philly. Have a good time at the beach!

Dawn said...

Spam- You look killer in that bikini. I hate you. :)

Greg- Making fun of Jason by myself is no fun. Hurry back.

Rancheetah- If you have a speedo picture please share.

Mara- I skimmed your blog post quickly and caught only a few things...

-drown the children

I probably need to re-read it. But if you need to talk, I'm here for you.

Rob- Your reference is ironic, as Beastie Boyz were on the radio this morning.

D-Block out.

Sam L said...

ok ok ok! Enough of the beach shots! I can't take it!

I want to move.

Pamela MacElree said...

Randy, SPF 15-30 goes a long way, I love the sun too much to not be able to sit in it all day especially if you're on the water!!