Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mix and Match 2

1. Has moved to Mexico.

2. Has moved to Florida.

3. Has moved to Yardley (in PA).

4. Has moved to Colorado.

Task: Name each person in the above photo and match their new location to their face. The person who does so correctly prior to 10am Thursday morning has their choice of warm up for the next group workout they attend.


On a more serious note.

In the search to find some quality information on physical exercise and cognitive training, I came accross the following articles about cognitive therapy vs medication in children being treated for ADHD.

Training the Brain

Additionally, reserachers are finding, what appears to be accross the board, that exercise significantly reduces the effects of depressions, binge eating, memory loss, anxiety, and more. Here's just one article with some research.

Linking Cognitive Functioning and Exercise

Physical activity and a regular exercise program have so many benefits to everyday day health, my question is why does it surprise so many that exercise can benefit/cure/aleviate so many ailments without the use of medication?



"All Bells and Body"

KB Two Handed Swings
Alternating Reverse Lunges
KB Snatches or True Snatch Pulls
T Stabilization Push Ups
KB Hand to Hand Swings
Sit Ups
KB High Pulls

Round 1: 30 sec of each
Round 2: 45 sec of each
Round 3: 60 sec of each
Round 4: 45 sec of each
Round 5: 30 sec of each

"It all lies within, everything that you can conceive of wanting is within your grasp." -Unknown


Sam L said...


Like Borat tried to say in his Movie...

I will bring my Ipod in again. NOT!

Pamela MacElree said...

Because of your play list or because of it's jump to death?

I was fond of the Billy Joel and Whitesnake songs.

RhinoChiroCenter said...


All day I will picture Sam riding in his pickup truck leaning to the side like Snoop Dogg, listening to 'Philadelphia Freedom'. Or is the correct image "Bootstrappers in the shower to Billy Joel". Whatever! Rich, way to kill the party butter fingers.
I will say that it takes a lot of sand to throw your IPOD up there for all to scrutinize. I will try to make a nice Crossfit Philly playlist first.

RhinoChiroCenter said...

PS Pam I only skimmed the 1st article. That is great. Love it.

Daniel Patrick said...

Is this a T Stabilization Push Up?

molly! said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane with the music Sam - was that really Billy Joel's Allentown? Maybe you should submit a playlist before you bring tunes again - of course mine are perfect as am I!

RhinoChiroCenter said...

Babooshka in the house!!!!

Daniel Patrick said...

Good workout! I took my time and didn't rush the movements in each time period. I cut out the planches because I don't know how to scale them. Any suggestions?

Anyone that thinks shrugs are a good trap exercise has never done high pull snatches.

Pamela MacElree said...

"Bootstrappers in the shower to Billy Joel"

Here we go again...

Hi Molly!

Sam L said...

Molly has NEVER written a word on this blog. BUT she chimes in to bust my chops about my Ipod. I love it!

Rich said...

That was a T- Stabilization pushup..

And Planches are the same as "Planks"

Just do them for the same time periods..

Molly, how many times do I have to tell you stop picking on Sammy!!! He's a sensitive wallflower!

Rich said...

Oh yeah, Sammy the instructions were to NAME each person and Match the pics... I don't see any names listed...

So the next person to send in the names and their matches win... I'll give you guys a little while longer then I'm going in for the kill...

and I'm gonna kick some Crossfit butt at my warm up!!!

Rob said...

Eric is in Yardley...he's A...the others are not

Daniel Patrick said...


OH!!! I've never heard planks called planches. To me, a planche is using you arms for support and balancing in a push up position without your feet touching the ground. Variations are tuck planche and frog stands.

In other news, I picked up the materials for a slosh pipe today. I went with a 3" diameter pipe by 10' long. I'm painting it cool colors as well. Hopefully I can get pictures too.

Pamela MacElree said...

Hey Daniel

When you get into the gymnastic aspects of things, then you've got the right idea for planches.

We most often use the stabilization movement of being on your elbows and toes, sometimes on the side, sometimes in the push up position. The spelling of the term has been interchangeable depending on the circle in which it is used.

Nice work on the WODs. Good luck on the slosh pipe, when we cure the leaking ends problem, we'll let you know what we used.

Rich said...


"Planches" threw all of us for a loop too, they had it written on the board last week... We were all like "WTF is a planche"?

Anyway, good luck with the slosh pipe! Cool idea about painting it! Be sure to send some pics.

Pamela MacElree said...

Sammy / Dr D,

Since I got no names, although i know Rich knows them, whoever commands the slosh pipe the best gets to lead the next warm up.