Thursday, January 10, 2008

1/11/2008 WOD

1/11/2008 WOD

20, 15, 10, 5

Box Jumps
One Arm Push Presses Left/Right
KB True Snatch Pulls
Jump Stretch Band Thrusters
Sit Ups

"To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." -Buddha Quotes


Christian said...

may I suggest "tabata Tuesdays"

CrossFit Jersey Shore said...


JS Band thrusters w/ one band for each side or 1 band stretched out? Band work is rough, we need to implement it more.

Pam, thanks for posting today!

Greg said...

Hey Everyone,

MIT has apparently made their course materials available online. You can learn anything from Aeronautics to Physical Education. The files take a lot of technical requirements to download and use from what I can tell, however, I know nothing about computers.

You could be like that guy from the Good Will Hunting movie

Pamela MacElree said...

Hey Mike,

One band, two hands. It can be tough, but good. I seriously wish I had your view every morning!


You'll get Tabata at least once a month.


How did you happen to stumble accross that information?

Greg said...

I was going through Performance Menus website. There is a link in the 6 January 2008 WOD post.

Rob said...

I used that MIT site to build my computer. I also built a blender and a hovercraft (no, wait a minute, that was from Popular Mechanics, my bad!)
Thanks for the info though. It's a good site.
Rich and I did Cindy again. Not a good idea to do the CF WOD's more than once in a fact it's a horrible idea.
How did Dawn do on the WOM?

Pamela MacElree said...

I'm not going to say I told you so Rob.

Dawn did the WOM in 47:48, I think she's going to retry it next week though.

Nice find on MIT.

Rob said...

I gotta give props to Dawn. That time includes instruction from Jason and Rich on the proper form for the reptilian push-up.

Rich said...

This was my first try with Cindy this week & Rob's second ☺... I'm pretty beat so I can only imagine how Rob's feeling.

I did manage to go twenty rounds in twenty minutes, but man those pull-ups kicked my butt!

Rich said...

Good job Dawn!

Greg said...

Well Done Rich. I see you haven't lost your super powers to back injury.

Has anyone gotten sub 30 on the WOM? It's begining to show it's difficulty.

Rob, I'm making a robot me to make pancakes while I do the WOD. It's pretty sweet.

Rich said...

I think Beth got done in like 24 something?

Can you make a robot for me that does Tabata Squats?

Pamela MacElree said...

Ok Boys! Ladies!

I hope I'm not jumping the gun but one day next week FOX is going to be here again, probably Monday. I want/need everyone in nice workout clothes looking hot and pretty for all morning workouts.

More details as I get them.

Rich said...

As long as it's not the "butt" workout again - Sam got all the air time!

Pamela MacElree said...

It's not all about butts this time, although that was a good segment!

If I find out at the last minute be prepared for a phone call from me.

Greg said...

Rich, I'll make you a robot for tabata squats but it will be taking on your American Gladiator identity, Dick Flashdance.

Better make sure Dr. D knows that Fox Philly is back so he has time to put on makeup.

Does this mean I have to buy new clothes to make sure my butt looks good? And I'm only good on camera when it's scripted.

Rich said...

It's Dick Flashdancer!

Maybe we all should come in character on Monday!

Greg said...

Rich, please don't hurt me with your super powers. That was obviously a typographical error. And I like the way you think.

Pam, make sure you tell the news crew that Demolition will be going on and they will be stepping into a hazardous area.

Pamela MacElree said...

Ok, I'll let them know.

Here's the deal, we need a steady flow of people in here between 6:20am and 8:50am on Monday constantly working out.

Listen for your phone to ring!

ps - I think workout clothes will suffice the morning workout, we can always have a costume workout at a later date.

Pamela MacElree said...

I need two time slots covered for Monday.

7:45 and 8:45

The first one doesn't seem to be a problem, but since most everyone has to work the 8:45 is a little sparse.

Still have some phone calls to make.

Dawn said...

Dawn's WOM time = poop.

Rich, Thanks for the help with the Aligator push-ups. You're as nimble as Spiderman.

Rob, Thanks for not giving me pink eye.

Pam, I'd wear my Kettlebell Athletics shirt on Monday but I'm totally starting to hulk out of the arms.

Dr. D, I'll bring my makeup case on Monday in case you forget yours.

Rich said...

Rob - Here's some interesting stats for you:

WOM -vs- Cindy
Total number of reps for WOM = 480
(16 exercises x 30 reps each)

Total number of reps for Cindy = 540* in 20 Minutes.

*That was your 18 rounds from the other day. Which equals: 90 pull-ups (5x18), 180 push-ups (10x18) & 270 squats (15x18).

Not to mention your 17 rounds from today - add another 510 total reps or 85 pull-ups, 170 push-us & 255 squats.

Nice job man!

Rich said...

Dawn, your time was good. That was the first time you every did a few of those exercises! Not to mention that you did do 240 swing variations!!!

Pamela MacElree said...

Dawn...I recall saying the same thing about one of my own shirts and you were on the side of still wearing it so...wear the shirt.

Rob said...

Thanks Rich for the breakdown. That does help, because now i am officially back on the Injured Reserve with a head cold. I don't think I'll be making it tomorrow.
Just tell me where you want me and when you want me on Monday morning. I'll wear my parachute pants and leather vest with one rhinestone covered glove if that's OK. I already have a Kettlebell Athletics skullcap and eye patch.
R Squared out.

Dawn said...

Rob, no need to resurrect the parachutes on Monday. Hammer Time is over.

Rob said...

I got my parachute pants in the early 80' there more like capri parachute pants...they will bowl you over when I start the KB swings

Pamela MacElree said... still have your parachte pants from the early 80s?!?!

Whenever you can make it on Monday is great. Thanks.

Dawn said...

Pam, it's odd but I can't seem to find that shirt. Hmmmmm....

Greg said...

I'll be wearing multicolored spandex. Robot me will be wearing a blue leisure suit because I accidentally programmed him to have bad fashion sense.

Jason C. Brown said...

So I just got a visual...very similar to the time Sam announced that he did boot strappers in the shower. And then when Molly offerred up her grey dress...

Thanks Guys! Love the freedom of speech!

Dawn, you know exactly where that shirt is, see you on Monday!

Pamela MacElree said...

OOOOpppps! That was me posting that last comment, I was logged in to post tomorrow's WOD. Sorry.