Thursday, January 17, 2008

Like It Says

Mike's co-worker says, "I want to workout with you guys sometime."
Mike says, "Ok, today's workout is short, I've got to get to a meeting."
Mike's co-worker says, "That's ok, I'll try it anyway."

The co-worker works out with Mike and his crew. It was a quick workout that didn't involve much weight or any complex movements. After the workout...

Mike's co-worker says, "That's all you guys do?"
Mike says, "Come back tomorrow."

The next day they do the 'Estok'.

The following day...

Mike's co-worker sheepishly walks up to Mike and says, "I can't move."

(at least that's how I remember him telling the story.)

Use a kettlebell for the WOD if you have the movements down, otherwise use a dumbbell.


Greg said...

Here comes the Pain Train baby!!!!!!!

Rob said...

I got a first class ticket, Greg...
How did Christian do this evening? Maybe a new challenge in the works...give a pint of blood then do the WOD...or maybe not! No American Red Cross workers in the 6AM group to verify the challenge...and then there's the whole liability thing...DAMN!
see y'all in the AM

Rob said...

Still sick as of 5:30AM...I'll be in on Monday...gotta try and beat this thing before I try the WOM.

Greg said...

Estok Workout- 24:58

Greg said...

My weights for Estok were:
24kg for swings
16kg for High Pulls and OH Lunges
30 lb DB for Snatch

Dawn said...

Rob- You are one unhealthy MoFo. :)

Pam- Thanks for working with me even though I was late as hell. You are hereby atoned for forgetting MLK Day.

Greg- Good job on the WOD.

Daniel Patrick said...

This was my first CF Philly WOD, and my first full WO with kettlebells. Slightly modified as indicated below:

16kg KB throughout


High Pull
Rack Position Lunge

I cut out the Burpees and scaled the OH Lunge to a Rack Lunge.

Result: 28:00 on the money

I'm not sure which is greater: the pain or the pleasure.

Rich said...

Pam - Daniel Patrick's quote is board worthy!

"I'm not sure which is greater: the pain or the pleasure".

It would look good on a CrossFit shirt too!

Kettlebell Athletics said...

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for posting. Good work.

Pamela MacElree said...


I hereby give you the power to update the quote tomorrow morning.


No problem.

I'll post a time for Estok tomorrow.

And I'm taking a second shot of the WOM early next week.

Rob said...

That was a good quote...he also kept it clean and didn't offend the membership international signs for where to shove it!
Thanks Dawn...apparently my 2 year old son brings every living bacteria and/or virus home from daycare and then affectionately coughs in my face.
How long is Estok going to be up, by the way? I have a backlog of workouts. I'll be in on Rhode Island now trying to get some fresh ocean air in my lungs.

Sam L said...

Not going to be around tomorrow Pam? JCB?

Kettlebell Athletics said...

Hey Sam,

Lauri will be in.

Pamela MacElree said... have the warm up tomorrow morning, She knows you're leading it!

I'm in Miami for work for the weekend, see you guys next week, and I'll be back in for a workout next Saturday, my first one off in 4 weeks! What am I gonna do?