Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Remember This Person ?

Warm-up: Skill work on the agility ladders... various upperbody and lower body drills.


5 - 4 minutes rounds of:

Agility Ladder- Various Drills
Weighted Step-Ups w/25% Bodyweight
Upper-Body Step-Ups


Sam L said...

Oh $hit. Robin!

Pamela MacElree said...

Hey Stranger!

Amanda said...

Erica, if you're there, do you have a recommendation on a tattoo place?

Brooks A said...

If anyone's in Manayunk for the bike race, I'm having a few kegs at my place, so feel free to stop in, I'll only charge 10 push ups per beer.

Manayunk Ave & Lyceum Ave, its on the "Wall".

Sam L said...

Tattoo for Amanda?!

Amanda said...

Does it seem that far out, really? We all have a few secret lives Flavio, right? ...some lived before, some to come....I'll let you know how/if it goes.

Erica said...

Hi Amanda! I emailed you back.