Wednesday, June 04, 2008

All Sam... All the Time !


4 Rounds each of:

Walking Lunges
Toy Soldiers
Crab Walks
Inch Worms

WOD: 6 - 2 minute rounds of:

Jumping Pull-ups
Dumbbell See-Saw Presses
Ring Rows
Dumbbell Push Presses

Finish with 4 rounds of:

Flutter Kicks
Dumbbell Renegade Rows


Sam L said...


RhinoChiroCenter said...

That is back when Sam went to the tanning salon twice a week

Sam L said...

Where you been Doc? Stop with the excuses and come to 6AM tomorrow.

Gregory K said...

Sam, are you from the future?

Will said...

Finally got my first unassisted muscle up on the rings over the weekend. Next goal is to be able to do more then one at a time.

Pamela MacElree said...

Nice job Will! Start with trying to do one every minute for a few minutes and see how far you get.

The photos from yesterday are on the KBA blog, check them out.

RhinoChiroCenter said...

I don't have to come every day to see that in the first picture Sam is doing a bicep curl w/ the KB.

Kettlebell Athletics said...

It's air guitar.