Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stupid Human Tricks

Who knew Doc D could break dance on a brick wall.

Thursday WOD

1 KB and 1 DB

DB High Pulls
Pledge Push Ups
Hand 2 Hand KB Swings
DB Push Presses
Elbow Stabilizations

Various times, at various intervals.

"Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us." -Voltaire


RhinoChiroCenter said...

Does "Stupid Human Trick" mean it is a stupid trick done by a human, or a stupid human doing a trick?

Susannah said...

I assumed it to be the former. I think it looks flippin' sweet.

Pamela MacElree said...

I think it depends on the person doing the trick.

Gregory K said...

Dr. D, any backflips?

Sam L said...

That is not even you. Can't see your mug.

erica said...

nice legs!

RhinoChiroCenter said...

Backround story: I have problems sitting still. I have problems talking trash. Both of these issues are exacerbated by drinking. I was at a bar crawl this Saturday (a fund raiser mind you), and was engaged in a contest as to who could perform the most "Rad" maneuver on this wall.

No Greg, I cannot do a backflip, but I would love to learn

Ward said...

Looks like an un-assisted keg stand.

Very impressive party trick Dr. D!

What did the winner of the contest do (if it was not you)?

Dawn said...

Get some sun on those legs, Dr. D.

RhinoChiroCenter said...

We battled for pride only Ward. We are men of honor.
Dawn, beach season hasn't even started yet, and unlike Greg I don't "fake-bake"

Dawn said...

Greg, say it ain't so?

Jeanette said...

why does this not surprise me?