Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is good

Friday WOD

DB High-Pull
DB OH Presses
DB Push Presses
DB Front Squats
DB Swings
Lateral Cone Jumps

1 Minute at each drill.


The typical calendar year has 365 days it, this we learned elementary school. Every four years, we have 366 days in the year, or more typically referred to as a Leap Year. This year's extra day falls on a Friday, so to celebrate we've written a workout that's worthy of it's name, Once Every 4 Years...

500 Swings
250 Sit Ups
250 Squats
125 Double Unders
125 Walking Lunges
125 Russian Pumps
75 Boot Strappers
75 Push Ups
75 Push Presses
75 Ring Rows
75 Jumping Jacks
75 Good Mornings
25 Spider Lunges
25 Back Extensions
8 Pull Ups

The workout is composed of 2008 reps. In 2012 the workout will be the same, with the addition of 4 more pull ups.

The modified version of this intense celebration of the Earth's rotation is...

29 Swings
29 Sit Ups
29 Squats
29 Double Unders
29 Walking Lunges
29 Russian Pumps
29 Boot Strappers
29 Push Ups
29 Push Presses
29 Ring Rows
29 Jumping Jacks
29 Good Mornings
29 Spider Lunges
29 Back Extensions
29 Pull Ups


erica said...

This is good. I like it better than the one we just did tonight! Renegade rows = not my friend.

Kettlebell Athletics said...

Why not Erica ?

erica said...

Must I explain?

Pamela MacElree said...

Dawn, the score is now 2:2

Christian said...

why would anyone in their right mind perform the 2008 leap day workout...

Pamela MacElree said...


Greg said...

Pam, not for long

Dawn said...

Spam- you are a true warrior.

Greg- I implore you to concede to Spam's physical magnaminity before the assault on your pride becomes to great.

Kettlebell Athletics said...

Spill it Erica!

Pamela MacElree said...

Greg, always.

Dawn, thank you.

Erica, they might not be friendly but they certainly do their job.

erica said...

oh yes, I can definitely tell that much.

Greg said...

Dawn, That's unacceptable. Do you want to wear all black next week and then stand together and make fun of Jason?

Pam, March is moments away. You better be prepared.

Hold on a minute...I thought I heard someone say 400lb Deadlift.

Demo Man Out

Dawn said...

Demo- I'm down with the uniform. Don't forget your Uggs this time.

Be safe, Good People. They're talking about snow tonight.

Pamela MacElree said...

Just a few hours away to be exact, and I'm prepared.

And on the topic of DLs, I just started back, so I see some high numbers in the horizon, and you can even hold me to it!

Greg said...