Friday, February 22, 2008

Ikea and red markers

OK, so I admit that I broke Angelo's computer chair, I return from Crossfit on Thursday night only to discover what a 4 yr old and a red marker can do. Yes, that reads "Daddy Big Butt"

I'm pretty sure that there's a kettlebell in there as well. Nevermind what a red marker can do to a hardwood floor.

10 Stations. 1 minute at each station. 2 minutes off between.

DB See-Saw Presses
Upper-Body Step-ups
Overhead Band Presses
Lateral Box Shuffles ( I know Erin)
Band Upright Rows/high-pulls
KB Swings
Slam Ball ( I know again Erin)
Medicine Ball Burpees


Jerry Hill said...

That is a Hall of Famer...
LMAO over here!

Pamela MacElree said...

I bet he thought his artwork was hysterical when he showed it to you!

Daniel Patrick said...

Can someone explain Upper Body Step Ups?

Sam L said...

Good question Dan.

Big Butt Jason-- Do you know?

I know, I know.... If I showed up at 8AM I would of known.

Pamela MacElree said...

Upper Body Step Ups

Use a small plyo box or bumper plate.

You are in the push up position and you walk your hands up onto the box or plate and back to the floor staying in the push up position.