Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Week In Review

Damien likes soup.

Sam caught a cold.

The 12 Days has finally caught on.

9am class debates that Pamela's theme song is either 'Cold Hearted Bitch' or 'Hard Headed Woman'

Yes, there really are 4 rounds to the workout.

Damien still likes soup.

An Irish Car Bomb is not an ideal choice for the Zone.

Banana Pancakes however are an excellent post workout recovery meal.

Damien likes soup.

Hostility isn't the way.

Damien likes soup.

12/21/2007 WOD

30 sec of each...
Push Presses Right
High Pulls Right
Weighted Shoulder Squats Right
Push Presses Left
High Pulls Left
Weighted Shoulder Squats Left
4 rounds


Renegade Rows with a Push Up and Knee Tuck

60 sec work, 30 sec rest, 4 rounds


60 Weighted Walking Lunges


RhinoChiroCenter said...

I had 2 banana pancakes yesterday after the workout, but I also had a nice clam chowder provided by Pamela. Have nice weekend, see everyone on Mon. @6am

Greg said...

rob, i think they're underplaying your one-armed pullups on the nail in the rafters. i mean that's pretty impressive. have you considered trying to compete in the ultimate ninja challenge? although, ninjas normally wear black i think you'd be able to wear your red power suit.

Rob said...

Thanks Greg...I'm glad the "hostility" was left behind in the other blog! I would like to compete in the Ninja Challenge but I have few thing that are keeping me busy here...namely posting a time on the 12 Days...I think you have set the benchmark for the Mt. Airy gym...I'm just hoping to finish before they have to close up for Christmas.
And Dr. D, that's quite a mix in the stomach...banana pancakes with a clam chowda chaser...don't tell Sam about that mix...I think that would have definitely been the key to his introduction to Pukie, the effervescent spewing clown!

Pamela MacElree said...

We actually have Miso Rob's stealthy pull ups on video, we captured them on the hidden camera, I've made no mention of them in fear of making the others jealous.

Rob said...

Hidden camera? Do you have any shots of Dr. D flexing his abs or Sam puking? What about Rich leaping tall buildings in a single bound? Or maybe even Jason replying to a blog?

Greg said...

I think the hidden camera footage should be used to solve the "sticky floor" problem and can we have a private viewing of Rob's one-armed pull-ups? you never know when you would need that skill; like saving yourself from quicksand.

also, here's some info on the 12 Days. Although I think I had a good time for it, I was trying for a sub 30 time.
The workout consists of 364 repititions. Based on a 30 min time thats an average 5 sec per repitition. (Don't worry about movements like the Turkish get-ups that take longer. You'll make up time with things like push presses and KB swings)

After round 4 (20 reps) your time should be about 3 min.
Round 8(120 reps) time is about 12 min
Round 10(220 reps) about 19 min
Round 11( 286 reps) about 24 min

For 35 min time:
Round 4 = 3 min
Round 8 = 14min
Round 10 = 23 min
Round 11 = 28 min

Best of Luck and Never let Down

Pamela MacElree said...

I did get the bottom of the sticky floor, but as it's a hidden camera I'll keep the details to myself. I could probably be persuaded to post it on youtube or at least the blog.

Nice breakdown Greg, I'll have to keep those numbers in mind during the re-match.