Friday, December 28, 2007

Caught - Red Handed

I guess Miso and Greg tried to teach the little ones about nutrition as we found them hiding behind the curtain on Friday morning. Good thing they still did some squats, pull ups, and rope climbs afterwards. They even found creative uses for the foam rollers!

12/29/2007 WOD

30 sec each movement
True Snatch Pulls
Push Ups
High Pulls
Pledge Push Ups
T Stabilization Push Ups
1 min rest

30 sec each movement
KB Front Squats
Sit Ups
Sit Ups
Threaded Lunges
Sit Ups
1 min rest

30 sec each movement
Right Side Plank
Mountain Climbers
Left Side Plank
Horizontal Flutter Kicks
1 min rest

3 rounds


Sam L said...


Greg said...

hi sam.

My regimen consists strictly of banana pancakes and several pints of Guinness per day. I'm sure if taught nutrition to them I'd be in lots of trouble with their parents. That looks like kids eating good old fashioned junk food to me.

For all of your nutritional information please visit

(Please note that I am not a licensed dietician and following my regimen would only mean I'd have a new drinking buddy)

Pamela MacElree said...

Sam, are you lost? How's your shoulder?

I'm going to somehow scramble the IP address for the above mentioned website.

I wonder how it is that you can eat banana pancakes and drink several pints of guiness each day, yet you're the only one of us who's getting your a$$ up and over on the muscle ups.

You and Ward might be on to something that none of us know about!

Rich said...

Mmm banana pancakes...

Greg you can have some of my super human strength provided you teach me how to do a muscle up! Although it's not so much strength as it is the desire to get done as quickly as possible!

Anyway, I did my first jumping muscle up today, but failed miserably at the hanging one... that will be one of my goals for the new year! That & trying the Guinness & banana pancake regimen!


Pamela MacElree said...

Rich, you have to start working on your ring pull ups and ring dips. I might not be able to do one but I can tell you how to do one. Greg will have to coach you through the transitition and what it should feel like from the hang.

Greg said...

Thanks Rich and I'd be happy to help you with the muscle ups. It would be awesome to have a partner for the Guinness and banana panake regimen as well.

Listen to Pam...she's an expert at the progressions

Sam L said...

Shoulder is fine. Does not hurt at all. Happened before on Muscle-up attempts.

See you on Monday Brownie.

Rich said...

ok - ring pull ups and dips it is. I'll start those in January. Pam, can you give me some pointers & maybe a workout routine to incorporate the rings into the Mon/Wed/Fri free periods?

Kettlebell Athletics said...


Rumor has it that you need 15 pull-ups and 15 dips to get a muscle-up.

I personally think you can get one before that though.

Let's see where you are on Monday.

Rich said...

Sounds good Jason.. I'm meeting the guys there at 7 on Monday - maybe I'll stop in a little earlier to do some work on the rings...

Pamela MacElree said...


I just enjoyed, yes I said enjoyed, a 30 minute run on the freezing cold beach with Bella.

Sam L said...

You lie

Pamela MacElree said...

You would think I was...but I'm telling the turth. Bella loved it too.