Friday, December 21, 2007

12/22/2007 WOD

Partner Workout

For the entire workout, Partner A works while Partner B rests, when Partner B works Partner A is resting.

Alternating every 30 seconds for 6 minutes. Rest only 1 minute between movement rounds.

1. One Arm Kettlebell High Pulls or Kettlebell Snatches

2. Double Push Presses

3. 8 Count Body Builders

4. Air Squats

5. Kettlebell Swings

For the last 6 minutes both partners work at the same time alternating between sit ups, flutter kicks, and plank variations.

Sit Ups - Right Side Plank - Sit Ups - Left Side Plank - Sit Ups - Forward Plank - Flutter Kicks - Right Side Plank - Flutter Kicks - Left Side Plank - Flutter Kicks - Forward Plank


While doing the first 5 movements try counting your reps and see if you and your partner have similar rep counts.


Pamela MacElree said...

It was fun to workout with the group this morning. Thanks!

We'll see most of you on Monday morning.

Rob said...

Thanks to you as well, Pam...hopefully Jason will be in on Monday. The cheddar broccoli diet can only last so long.

Kettlebell Athletics said...

Hey Rob,

I was in on Friday, at 6am, you know, the day everyone decided to sleep ibn.

Rob said...

Sleep in, or try to recover from 4 days straight of 6AM WODs...I think I can make 5 days a week, but definitely not 6...sorry I missed you on Friday...See you on Monday?

Greg said...

Happy Festivus Everyone!!!! The holiday isn't over until someone pins me in the Feats of Strength.

Pamela MacElree said...

I know that Rich, Rob, Dr. D, and Jeff are doing 12 days on Monday, maybe Sammy too.

Under 34 minutes, who can do it?

I'm aiming for 32 the next time.

Rob said...

Greg, Happy Festivus right back at ya! We are planning the 12 Days tomorrow...I'd like to start doing a workout like this at the beginning and end of each month to keep sights on our progress. I would actually like to try Angie in the new took me about an hour in a non-Crossfit gym with other members getting in my way!
Happy holidays everyone, and I'll see the 6AM crowd tomorrow AM...

Rob said...

By the way, even though this is a no-whine zone, is there any chance whomever posts the WOD will do so before 9:13PM tonight? I want to know what the WOD/warm up will be before we do the 12 Days. Thanks!

Pamela MacElree said...

To the Whiner...

I can't guarantee that I will get tomorrow's WOD posted before 9:13pm this evening, but know that tomorrow's WOD focuses mostly on metabolic conditioning.

12 Days can be done lieu of the WOD or if you're crazy enough you can do them both, but I suggest 12 Days first and then any other workouts to follow.

As for the new year... We will have 1 workout each month that is harder than the daily WOD. You can do the 'Challenge' workout during any of the open gym times. I will also let everyone know when I plan on doing the 'challenge' workout and if you want to get it in then you are also more than welcome.

It's a great idea to test yourself for improvement, but keep in mind about bad training days, illness, poor recovery, etc. If you'd like to test yourself on Annie, we can set that up for one morning, and then you can use that workout as a milestone marker going forward.

Rob said...

Thanks Pam. See ya in the AM...After we do the 12 Days...