Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year

12/31/2007 WOD

Here's to a safe, healthy, happy, and strong New Year!


Jump Squats
Push Ups
Jumping Lunges
Sit Ups
8 Count Body Builders
Knee Outs
Mountain Climbers
In and Outs

Also, check out the story on Jen's Gym.


Sam L said...

15:12 was my time today.

Good to see you JCB.

Rich said...

LOL... Beat me again by 1 second... Dam you Sammy!

Happy New Year!

Pam Have fun at the beach!

Pamela MacElree said...

Sam, did you really make it in for a Monday morning workout?

Rob said...

We had a confirmed sighting of Sam this AM. He was looking fresh after taking most of December off.
That was an interesting read at the Jen's Gym website...I'm still trying to figure out how she injured herself. She chose the TGU of all exercises to get back into her regimen...I think a good stretch, a few Advils and a shot of tequila would have been my choice after a pretty bad injury.
Happy New Year, and see y'all on Wednesday AM!

Sam L said...

I was in the HOUSE this morning. I am slow! Like my first year in college, I have gained the "Freshman 15" (I think it is about 15--I have not weighed myself) during my 1st year of marriage. I will get the weight off once Rich and I start biking again and the warmer weather comes back.

Jason and Pam-- Thank you very much for a great year. Best of luck for the new year!

Happy New Year everyone! Have fun and be safe.

Erik said...

guys, what's a bodybuilder?

Sam L said...

A bodybuilder is someone who works out at a Globo Gym.

Erik said...

Ouch, Sam. I tell you, it's pure renegade fun to be the only one setting up weird looking circuits for WOD's. I'm trying to find a way to smuggle in my KB.

Oh well, let me get back on my elliptical...

See you guys when gas prices drop...

Pamela MacElree said...

A burpee variation...

Hands down, feet back, push up, feet split, feet come together, feet to hands, stand up.

I think you could drop in on a Saturday morning when Lauri is working ;-)

Sam L said...

Miss you EP. Try and make it on Sat. morning.

Erik said...

Thanks Guys--I will come out to a Saturday soon... Miss y'all.!