Wednesday, December 26, 2007

12/27/2007 WOD


10 Rounds

Not for time, focus on strength

3 Weighted Pull Ups
6 Heavy Kettlebell High Pulls
6 Weighted Push Ups
6 Suitcase Deadlifts (per side)

Sub in...

Pull Ups or Ring Rows for Weighted Pull Ups
Push Ups for Weighted Push Ups

Record the load used for each round.

"Begin with the end in mind" -S Covey


Greg said...

Jason, you look stoic standing on that box

Rob said...

We are losing people at the 6AM workout...Is Sam still sick? What's the word on Doc D?

Rich said...

Jason was stoic - watching over us as we did the 12 days of pain, er, I mean Christmas...

Sammy's still sick & say's he'll be in on Saturday.. Jeff is out of town till Tuesday or Wednesday... As for Doc D???? Think he just bailed for the day - he's probably at home eating soup!

Barry, hope your arm heals soon!

Rich said...

Btw - here's what I used- i think...

3 Weighted Pull Ups w/ 30 lb db
6 Heavy Kettlebell High Pulls w/ 36 kg
(mixed sets with one arm & two arms)
6 Weighted Push Ups w/blue sandbag (weight?)
6 Suitcase Deadlifts (per side) w/ 28 kg

Jason, I thought this WOD was for time - miss read the board...

Amanda said...

Few bugs me when the picture isn't from the day on which it's posted, since I have enough trouble remembering when I was where w/o red herrings....caption? of this a.m., I have spanky new sneakers that replace a vintage, 10 yr old pair from the Payless in Beckley W. Va. ....this is a momentous acknowledgement that Crossfit is a part of life that's here to stay! ....hooray!

Finally....whasssssup Barry? I hope you have a good story for us....and that you are on the mend. No more bird dogs for a while....

Rob said...

This soup we need to have an intervention at the next 6AM workout?!!!
And I also misread the board as well...thought we were going for time. I would have used Jason instead of a kettlebell on the suitcase deadlifts!
And as for Barry, I didn't know skiing could become so violent...the word on the street is that he got into a shoving match in the lift line...just kidding! I hope he feels better and has a quick recovery.

Pamela MacElree said...

Dr D takes a recovery day as to not over do it. Plus given that half the world takes off this week, I wouldn't doubt your 6amers are either sleeping in or off skiing some fantabulous slopes.

I don't think we can have a soup intervention as long as there are still cans of soup on the counter.

Amanda, congrats on the sneaks, can't wait to break them.

Kettlebell Athletics said...

I mis-wrote on the board guys, sorry.


Great news on the sneakers.


Blue sandbag is 35-40lb.

Rich said...

Dr D takes a recovery day? Sounds like a title of a children's book...

"Dr D takes a recovery day"....

A page from his book:

Today Dr D did not cross fit,
He was at home taking a ... bit,

of recovery time to heal his bones,
all the while he whines and moans..

"My muscles are sore from this cross fit group,
New England Clam Chowder is my favorite soup"....

LOL.. just messing with you Damian.. I guess we'll see you there Monday morning 6 AM? Hoping Sammy will be back by then too...

Jason, thanks for the update... you could have talked me into the 40 kg on the high pulls but I didn't want to go to high because of the time aspect... next time...

Rob said...

Is there any chance we can focus on upper body tomorrow for the WOD? The knees and ass are pretty sore from this week...I know I wanted to focus on the glutes but even they need a break!

Pamela MacElree said...

5 Rounds not 10 Rounds (fit it in before a client)

Weighted Pull Ups (1st rep is 15lbs, 2 rep is 12lbs, and 3rd rep is 8lbs)
High Pulls 36kgs
Standard Push Ups
Suitcase DL 24kgs

Miso, did you do the same workout, my upper body is yelling at me a little bit?

Sam L said...

Holy Blog writing! Pam must love it!

I just got out of bed and crawled to my computer. Kidding-- I walked to my computer. I am sick but not that bad. I will be in on Sat. morning.

I missed a lot it seems. Jason is back, Barry got hurt from sking??, Amanda got new sneaks, Rob's ass is sore, Rich is still blasting thru workouts, Preston is still no where to be found and Dr. D is still a dork and likes soup.

Lepore out!

Rob said...

I did the same workout...It must be the weather or something getting to my knees. How did you drop the weight on the pull ups?

Glad to see Sam out of bed and back on the computer. Barry broke his arm skiing, and Doc D was a no-show this AM.

RhinoChiroCenter said...

I miss a workout and everyone has a bird. Listen here people. I have no excuses (I really do, but I don't want to get any slack), I just missed. It seems that I have missed a nice heavy day, as well as some choice fashion buys from Amanda.
I will be in tommorow at 7am and I will be doing some Olympic lifting. Who knows, I may even decide to smash all of the Crossfit Philly records. Anyone who is available, may join me.
Rich--- I love the poetry. Rob, I now like egg white omelets not soup. My dear Sam, it is time to come clean and tell everyone that you dyed your hair purple, hate the color, and are waiting until the new hair dye comes in the mail so you can change it back. (Just wear a bandana for crying out loud)

Sam L said...

Yeah- Like the episode from The Brady Bunch when Greg buys that hair tonic that dyes his hair red. That is me.

Pamela MacElree said...

Miso, not sure if you meant how or why, but either way, I used DBs, so it was easy to drop weight on the pull ups, and lastly I dropped weight because I couldn't crank out sets of 3 with 15lbs. I know I am weak.

Amanda, I will take a photo of your new sneaks to post on the blog the next time I see you.

Sam, rest up I'm coming to class again on Sat morning.

Damien, how's it feel to be so loved?

Rob said...

Not weak, Pam...just wondering how you dropped the weight during the set.
Glad to see everyone participating even with a bad hair day, a "day off", a bad knee, a sore ass, etc.
I'll bring the eggs tomorrow for Doc D.

Barry said...

Yo, a few things:
1) The guy should not have cut in front of me in the lift line
2) I fractured my left hand
3) You should see the other guy's face
4) i am left-handed
5) Squatting is my new best friend