Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Olympic Lifting vs Power Lifting

Olympic Weightlifting

Prior to December 31, 1972, 3 lifts were contested in Olympic Weightlifting. The Clean & Press, the Snatch, and the Clean & Jerk. Now, only the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk are contested.

The snatch is a test of a weightlifter's speed and flexibility, in addition to his/her strength. A properly executed snatch takes about one second to pull the barbell from the floor to the overhead position.

The Clean & Jerk is a combination test of strength and flexibility. The Clean & Jerk allows the most amount of weight to be lifted overhead, it is considered the 'King' of all lifts.


Powerlifting is a strength sport consisting of 3 events, the Squat, the Bench Press, and the Deadlift.

The Squat is performed with the athlete standing under a racked bar that is loaded with weight. The athlete allows the bar to rest on the upper back or trapezius, a full squat is performed (thighs hit parallel) the athlete returns to full hip extension and the bar is returned to the rack.

The Bench Press is performed with the athlete lying on a bench under a racked bar that is loaded with weight. The athlete removes the bar from the rack, lowers it to chest level and then presses it with full elbow extension, and returns the bar to the rack position.

The Deadlift is performed with an athlete standing over a weighted bar. The athlete reached down to grasp the bar and lifts the bar until the knees and hips are fully extended and the back is upright. At the end of the lift the bar is lowered back to the ground under control.

In Olympic Weightlifting, the athlete raises the bar from the ground to the overhead position. Powerlifting movements are classified as shorter lifts. Olympic weightlifting tends to focus more directly on the rapid force produced by dynamic efforts.

Of course each movement in both sports have their own variations and can be performed with various tools.

12/19/2007 WOD

Weighted Step Ups
Med Ball Push Ups
Med Ball Squat Throws
Tuck Jumps
Hanging Straight Leg Raises
High Pulls

20 of each for 4 rounds for time. Focus on form.

Skill work: Snatches


Sam L said...

Ouch! I struggled today for some reason. Felt like I was going to up-chuck on the way home but it held off.

Cold this morning! I could of used some SOUP!

Pamela MacElree said...

Interestingly enough I had soup for breakfast this morning.

Hope your day turns out better Sam!

Pamela MacElree said...

Ok, JCB is still out sick and working out by myself is not nearly as fun when someone else pushing you.

RhinoChiroCenter said...

I agree. You should try crossfit's new open gym time. That way you can come at your leasure, but still have some buddies to work out with.

Rich said...

umm... Damian you have to actually show up at the gym to work out with your buddies!

Speaking of soup! I was so inspired after this morning workout that I went home and put on a big pot of chicken vegetable soup - one of my favorites! Sam/Pam/Dam, what's your favorite(s)?

BTW - Great workout this morning Pam! How was your time?

Pamela MacElree said...

I didn't do the WOD yet, I was hoping I could coax someone into doing it with me, especially since it gave Sammy such a hard time this morning.

If I don't get it in today, I'll workout with tonight's class and let you know.

I like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, otherwise it's broccoli and cheddar.

Greg said...

whatever you do, stay away from banana pancakes

Pam, you could always record someone yelling at you and then play it while you workout

Pamela MacElree said...

Come on Greg, I can always turn the recording off. Plus it's better to try to keep up with someone. I tend not to listen to people anyway, I think it's called selective hearing. ;)

RhinoChiroCenter said...

I am a huge soup fan: I can't say a favorite, maybe a nice chowder. Chicken soup is a classic, but then so is Pam's choice. Rich I will eat whatever soup you are making. See you tommorrow.

Rob said...

I don't think a chowder whether it be fish or clam, New England or Manhattan would have helped Sam this morning. He was really looking green lying there on the stack of mats. I would be looking at a Miso soup or maybe a light broth...nothing acidic. Of course a chocolate doughnut might have been the answer!

Sam L said...

"Green" is not the word. Something was wrong. Worst I ever felt during a workout.

All this chatter on the blog is fabulous. Let's get some others to chime in.

Sharon? Dawn? Preston? Heck-- Jason C. Brown would even be nice.

Rob said...

Jason has the equivalent of laryngitis in typing...no voice, no tickling those plastic keys. I'm hoping Sam will be there tomorrow to make up for almost meeting Pukie...although that's no laughing matter.
I had a good goulash for dinner...would that count for a morning "soup" type meal?

Sam L said...

I will be there in the morning but not sure how I will feel. I am chalking it up as some type of respiratory ailment. My breathing has seemed strange for the past week. Seems as if I am fighting what Pam had.

I could use a good hot soup.

Pamela MacElree said...

My soup consumption has helped the ailment I was fighting when I did the 12 Days with Greg last week, so much so I'll be taking a rematch with the 12 Days soon.

Today's WOD 23:45

Kettlebell Athletics said...

I miss you guys. Sam, I threw up 6 times in 3 hours, pray you don't get what I got.

On a good note now though. I'm getting fat on cheddar and brocolli.

Sam L said...

There he is! Hope you feel better soon J!

We miss you. Well, at least I do. Damien was telling me how he does not miss you at all. Do not tell him I told you.

Greg said...

Pam if you don't beat my time on the 12 Days I'm going to be somewhat dissappointed. Has anyone else tried it so far?

Pamela MacElree said...

Great, now I have just been challenged to do something. I've hit it hard three days in a row so tomorrow was just going to be a jiu-jitsu day. Depending on how I feel I'll redo the 12 Days in under 34 minutes, Friday at the latest, same weights I used before. I had Beth and Sharon do it but they sub'd double under with 50 reps of regular jump rope.

One clarification...do I need a witness?

Kettlebell Athletics said...


Did Damien cut his hair yet ?

Would you guys like a "Kettlebell Class ?"

I'd love to see you guys Snatching the 32kg.