Sunday, December 23, 2007

Twas The Workout Before...

12/24/2007 WOD


Overhead Walking Lunges
Push Ups
Jump Squats
Ring Rows or Pull Ups
Push Presses
High Pulls
Sandbag Burpees

Your goal during the workout is to use a heavier weight as the rep count goes down. If you start with a 10lb Med Ball for the first 30 OH Walking Lunges, your set of 20 reps should be completed with a 15lb Med Ball, and the last 10 reps should be completed with the 20lb Med Ball.

Push Ups, Jump Squats, and Ring Rows can be done with just bodyweight or weighted applying the same principle as above.



Rob said...

You're not calling this the Whiner's warmup? See you in the AM!

Pamela MacElree said...

That would be bringing back the hostility...I'm trying to be joyous and merry. :) Yes, see you in the morning.

Pamela MacElree said...

12 Days

Rich 26:26
Dr D 34:00
Rob 34:14
Jeff 42:22

Nice work!

RhinoChiroCenter said...

Good work this morning all. Greg, what is this "feats of strength" you were blogging about yesterday? Also, it appears as though I tied you in the 12 days, which is a failure since I wanted to beat your time. My observations are, had I set up my work out area better, I would have had a much better time (I wasted too much time running around). Also, please post JCB's time since he said with his patented military cockiness "I'll beat your time, no problem".

Pamela MacElree said...

12 Days

Devorah 33:44

Ideally I would like to get less than 26:26 when I redo the 12 Days, but I have only ever beat Rich's time in a workout once.

Equally, I think if there is a time to beat the likelihood of getting a lower time for this WOD is much more probable as opposed to being the first group to complete the 12 Days.

Dr. D, Rich told you to condense the surface area you and your tools consumed.

Rich said...

Nice work guys - it was a tuff one! Feeling a bit sore still - thankfully X-Fit is Closed Tomorrow!!!

Sammy, feel better... See you Wednesday @ 6 AM...

Damian, you finished the workout, failure would have been not even trying!!

I hope everyone has a nice holiday! And if I can be politically incorrect for a minute - MERRY X-MAS everyone... Enjoy!

Greg said...

Dr D, The Feats of Strength is the capstone event of Festivus Holiday. It requires that someone challenge me to a wrestling match and must pin me or else Festivus does not end.

Those are sme sick times on the 12 Days. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. No excuses Dr D. Better luck next year. And how did Rich get 26:26?! Good Gravy he's fast!

Rob said...

Festivus was a holiday invented by Frank Costanza on Seinfeld. He did it after he got in a fight over a doll at a toy store for George's Christmas present. He felt bad after he delivered a rain of blows on another father trying to get the doll.
Thank you all for a good workout. That was another ass-kicker.
I hope Sam is feeling better. Definitely see him on Wednesday AM.
Also, good to see Jason taking it up a notch and showing up at 6AM today.
And I agree with Doc D on the equipment placement. It's a big plus to know where your weights are during the 12 Days.
Happy Holidays, and take care!

RhinoChiroCenter said...

Devorah good time, you rock!!!

Festivus--- It's all coming back to me. Miso Robbie how was your deadlifting??

Pamela MacElree said...

Wrestling match...we've got some jiu-jitsu skills that encompass some nice chokes, triangles, and armbars, but no pins.

Greg said...

Maybe we should add a festivus workout next year. Unfortunately I'm not experienced in jiu-jitsu, my fighting skills lie elsewhere.

Dr. D, no offense but I'm gonna make you work harder to beat me. I plan on beating Rich's time for the 12 Days. But you are right, placement of your tools is important as is remembering what movement is next. Stopping to figure out what to do next wastes precious time, but it's part of the Challenge

Sam L said...

Merry X-Mas! $hitters full!

See you on Wednesday. Thanks for the well wishes!

Enjoy the Holiday everyone. Be safe.

Sam L said...

Oh and my "12 days" time... 33:59

Rob said...

Glad to have Sam back on the blog...Good job on the can!
Doc D, I think the equipment placement comment was not fully explained. Greg apparently did the 12 days without a gym full of people doing a variety of workouts. We took the challenge with a veritable minefield of equipment laying around.
Anyway, I tried a few lifts and ended up with a few successful attempts of 311 lbs. I still need to work on my form, so again, let's get the o-lifting going before the new year starts.

Greg said...

it seems like i need to increase the difficulty of my 12 Days workout.
Well done on the DLs Rob. I need to refine my form as well. i'm looking foreword to the O-Lifting Days.

Rob said...

Greg, we will definitely get on our act together on the lifting. And thank you very much. Have a good holiday!

Pamela MacElree said...

Merry Christmas Guys (and Gals who lurk) I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you and I know we both appreciate the value you have found in our programming.

Looking forward to another strong and healhty year.


jodi colbert said...

33:10 as rx'd-hard after being sick for 2 weeks!!