Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tim Deangelo Takes First

Tim Deangelo takes First Place at the Mundials in the Blue Belt Middleweight Division. There were 91 people in his division. Congrats Tim!

Tim said his conditioning was a big part of what got him through the final rounds. He felt he was much more conditioned than any of the guys he was fighting.


25 Swings
5 Blurpees
5 Push Presses

20 Swings
5 Blurpees
10 Push Presses

15 Swings
5 Blurpees
15 Push Presses

10 Swings
5 Blurpees
20 Push Presses

5 Swings
5 Blurpees
25 Push Presses


Dawn McLeod said...

What's a "blurpee?" Does it differ from a burpee, or do I get a prize for being the first to figure that out? :)

Pamela MacElree said...

Blurpee = Burpee with a Pull Up

Modified WOD 18:02 Worked Out Outside 16kg KB

25 Swings each hand
5 Burpees
5 Push Presses each hand


Brian Y. said...

Outside 16kg KB