Monday, September 10, 2007

Share Your Favorite Workouts

We spent three days with more than 70 people at the RKC this past weekend. And as always we ran into some fellow CrossFitters. Mike and Jim from the Training Room in New Jersey were there, Ryan and Eric from CF Orange County were also there. And of course there were a few others who were on their way to beocming an affiliate or really interested in the program.

We had an awesome time with everyone and we were happy to meet new faces and hang out with some old friends. During most of our conversations working out and workouts wiggled their way in, should we have expected less?

We got some great new ideas and shared some of own, so to keep with the awesome weekend, what are some of your favorite workouts? Ones you've done with us, or even come up with on your own?


RhinoChiroCenter said...

This isn't a workout, but this year will watching the Eagles I am picking a movement, and when the Eagles score I do 2 reps for each point, when the opponent scores I do 3 reps for each point. This week was push ups, next week is burpees. This week only came out to 74 reps(All of this is put on hold if Sam decides to give me tickets to a game).

Sam L said...

You do not want my tickets brother. 30 rows in the upper level of the stadium and my seats are in row 29. It is a workout just getting up to my seats!