Thursday, September 06, 2007

Prograde Workout

It's finally sinking in! One of the biggest reasons for weight loss success, increased athletic performance, and well your improved daily living is your nutrition. So how do you stick to an awesome nutrition plan when you're constantly on the go, or not in the mood to make your next meal? Simple...start using Prograde Nutrition.

I have someone on Prograde Workout, who was very skeptical of its flavor. He came in yesterday and without even having to ask him he blurts out, "The protien drink tastes great, I actually LIKE it, and it tastes nothing like that other chalky, clumpy stuff I used to drink."

I didn't ask him what the chalky, clumpy stuff was because I don't like that stuff either, but I did tell that I wouldn't steer him wrong, and it was good that he liked it so much. And we wouldn't steer you wrong either!


40 KB Swings
20 Ring Rows
38 KB Swings
19 Push Ups
36 KB Swings
18 Ring Rows
34 KB Swings
17 Push Ups
32 KB Swings
16 Ring Rows
30 KB Swings
15 Push Ups


2 KB Swings
1 Push Ups

Alternate ring rows and push ups after each set of swings. The KB Swings are double the number of ring rows and push ups. The even is always ring rows, the odd is always push ups.


sharon t said...

i am always looking for new shakes and bars. i would be interested in trying this product. would it be best to go to their site and order or thorught you or Pamela?

Pamela MacElree said...

Sharon if you use the link on the blog, you'll be all set to go.