Friday, July 06, 2007

Chaos vs. Invincible

Good work keeping up with Sharon on your last day Jimmie!


5L/5R Clean and Jerk
5 Pull Ups
5L/5R Front Squats

7 Rounds


Jay Mills said...

Oh man...Jimmie, I feel for you. She's nasty. Sharon, I mean that as a compliment.

Dawn McLeod said...

You can't fake being that tired. Poor Jimmie.

James said...

Invicibles got nothing on CHAOS! It was a real pleasure working with both Jason & Pam, even Sharon when she wasn't busy showing me up on the world wide web.

CFP is a truly special place. I wish everybody the best, and I will be sure to keep in touch. With all you taught me, just take one thing from me, ABWO.
Always Be Working Out.