Thursday, July 26, 2007

24 Inch Box Jumps - Piece of Cake

From 6 inch box jumps to 24 inch box jumps in less than 10 months. Way to go Monica, keep up all your hardwork!!

We've placed the voting link for the My FOX Philly HOT LIST on the right side of the blog, remember to VOTE and spread the word. Anyone who votes for CrossFit Philly as the Best Gym in Philadelphia, can print out their confirmation email and bring it in for a complimentary group workout!


Leroy's 300
25 Pull Ups
50 Box Jumps
50 Burpees with a Push Ups
50 Presses
50 Knees to Elbows
50 Kettlebell Swings
25 Pull Ups


Pamela MacElree said...

Ok, I'm not sure why but the link on the right side of the blog isn't working.

You still get directed to the HOT LIST but not directly to our page. All the other links in the blog do work, so you can click on those to vote!


Dawn McLeod said...

Yah Monica!

Todd Lynch said...

Sweet! A complimentary workout. Know I just have to figure a way to get to Philly.

Pamela MacElree said...

You could run here. Make an adventure race out of it!