Friday, February 23, 2007

What keeps your training going?

Jay Mills writes, "They say it's more likely you will hit your goal if it's written down." Nice work Jay, looking forward to it.
So what keeps your training inline, what keeps you on your toes rather than on your butt in front of the TV?
30 One Arm Swings Left
30 One Arm Thrusters Left
30 One Arm High Pulls Left
30 Forward Lunges Left
30 One Arm Swings Right
30 One Arm Thrusters Right
30 One Arm High Pulls Right
30 Forward Lunges Right


sharon t said...

i like the bell in white, can i request to use this for my test?

Jay Mills said...

I'll be happy to let you borrow it. Two things though - it's actually light gray and it's a 24kg.