Monday, February 13, 2006

02/13/06 WOD

Another Tuesday Night at CrossFit Camp!
1 min jump rope
5 L/R clean & press
1 min jump rope
10 L/R high pulls
1 min jump rope
5 L/R snatches
1 min jump rope
20 swings
3 rounds


Jay Mills said...

Excuses, excuses - got up late & the owner of the gym decided he needed to ask me a few questions during the wo.

2 rounds - 21 min. 50lb db for the c&p/40lb db for the others.

I definitely had gas for round 3 but 2 rounds made me late for work already.

Jason C. Brown said...


Where have you been? We're missing ya.

Jay Mills said...

A bout w/the flu combined w/post viral something or other. Basically the flu followed by a continuous dry hacking cough for 2 weeks.

I'm ready to roll again.

It would be really great if some of you guys could post times &/or totals here. I think I figured out what's wrong with my CrossFit-ness - I do it on my own, no group compitition, nothing to scale. At least if I had times I would have something to judge my progress while moving through the WO.

Oh, and I'd like to correct myself in the first post...the WO didn't make me late for work, getting up late & the bs session did.

Pamela MacElree said...


No problem, will do with today's new workout.

Glad to hear you are feeling better.