Thursday, May 17, 2007

Notre Dame High School

A nice little kettlebell workout during the 8 hour Workshop at Notre Dame High School.

6 L/R Snatches
3 Pull Ups
12 Sit Ups

10 Rounds

"There's a golf ball in my blowhole!" - J. Banta


Sam L said...

How about Pics of Good Ol' Crossfit Philly Peeps?

"I will Pee in the Pool"

Brian Y. said...

Completed WOD with brief interruption from the kids in 23:50

Jay Mills said...


Isn't that evil Sharon in the 2nd row?

Pamela MacElree said...

Yep, that's Sharon, and in the last row is MK, an evil visiting CFP peep who resides in VA.

But I'm working on the photos Sam, you just have to start wearing prettier clothes. HA HA!

Sam L said...

That is Sharon! Was not me that said the EVIL part Sharon. LOL!

MK said...

Don't worry philly peeps I'll see you all in June for the weightlifting seminar. I may drop in for a workout or 3. see you soon