Friday, May 04, 2007

Fiona Muxlow of CF North Queensland takes over when sparring with Noah.

20 L/R Swings
20 Squats
20 L/R High Pulls
20 Squats
20 L/R Clean and Press
20 Squats
20 L/R Snatches
20 Squats
40 Two Hand Swings
20 Squats
20 L/R Push Presses
20 Squats


Jay Mills said...

Note to self:

Steer clear of X-fitting Aussies on pull up bars.

Erik said...

16KB (rehab from sore shoulder)

7:18 as req

Phew! What changes occur in Metcon, after just a week off! Out of Breath...

jodi colbert said...

suggested weight for this WOD??

Jonathan Gilson said...


I stole that awesome (!) picture of Fiona on the AF Bar for the latest newsletter. I hope you don't mind. It was just too great to leave sitting on your blog.

Your new Bars will be en route this week. Thanks for your continued support!



Pamela MacElree said...

Jodi, try somewhere around 25lbs, should be good for you.

Jon, no problem glad we could contribute!! The bars are great!

Erik, stay healthy and we'll see you soon.

Jay, you'll be safe at the open house, however we'll always welcome the down under visitors.