Sunday, October 07, 2007

Spear BJJ

Spear BJJ at the Grappler's Quest BJJ Competition this past Saturday.

Front Row: Karen, Derrick, and Pamela
Back Row: Sean, Noah, Evan, Jason, and Dov

It was a long day! Good job to all! Not in the photo since it was really late, Beau and Dante. Dana, Ceasar, Brian, Ayo, and Vanessa made the hike to North Jersey as spectators to support the team, thank you!


Jeanette said...

Who competed and how did everyone do?

Sam L said...

Karen looks like Pigeon. Am I crazy?

Pamela MacElree said...

Beau, Dante, Derek, Noah, Dov, Evan, Jason, and myself all competed. Beau got a silver. Noah took a gold. I think we all did really well.

Pigeon has this 'twin' that likes to call herself Karen, it's the strangest thing.