Monday, December 04, 2006

CrossFit Old City

Day One. 0600.

Great work everyone and we're looking forward to Wed.

Here's a short video:


Barry Weidner said...

Jason and Pam,
That facility looks awesome. Thanks again for the O' Lifting Seminar yesterday. I had a great time and learned some valuable info. See you soon.

Sam L said...

Thanks Jason and Pam.

Good workout! See you in Mount Airy in the morning.

Jason C. Brown said...

You two maniacs!!! Thanks for coming to the O-lifting seminar.


Visit us at the Old City spot one morning. Tons of room.

Pamela MacElree said...

Yes, thanks guys!

And to all the warriors at 6am this morning, lots of drive and hard work, it was great!

Jen said...

It's awesome to see some of Jerry Hills crew there! Keep it going!

wil19148 said...

Jason and Pam - you guys are two for two - great workout again today! Keep it up!

Cya Fri