Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Bring a Friend Day"

Don't forget Wednesdays are "Bring a Friend Day" to CrossFitPhilly. We love meeting your friends and family so don't be shy. Stand up and be counted !


Jeanette said...

who does the dog belong too? So cute!!

Pam beat me up in bjj last night.

Jason C. Brown said...

He's mine too, but he lives in Rio

Jay Mills said...

Do I hear a CFPhilly Rio getaway??? (if I'm invited of course!)

Kbell couplet coutesy of JCB/USC.

20 ft of walking swings/20 pushups
20 ft.../18 pushups
down to 2 pushups

Pamela MacElree said...

Jay, nice work and yes JCB wants to plan a CFP field trip to Rio in the summer. One workout in the am and one in the pm, the rest of the time is yours.

Sam L said...

Would love to go to Rio!